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Posted by on Mar 5, 2018 in Holiday, Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

How to Fill Easter Baskets on the Cheap

fill easter baskets

If you aren’t vigilant about your budget, Easter can easily turn into a repeat of Christmas. While it can definitely be fun, and even rewarding, to watch your little one’s face light up when presented with a long-desired toy or special sweet treat, it shouldn’t come at the high price of debt. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can have the best of both worlds. Yes, you can stick to your budget and send your child into squeals of joy Easter morning. Although, as at Christmas, someone else will be getting all the credit! Here’s how to fill Easter baskets on the cheap.

Take advantage of freebies and coupons.

It sounds really (really) obvious but snagging freebies and coupons can help you fill an Easter basket for pennies. One fantastic freebie option is the Kroger Free Friday Download, which allows you to get a pre-selected item from Kroger for free (no purchase necessary) every single week.

This item could be any of thousands of products Kroger carries from barbecue sauce to iced tea, but on a fairly regular basis (especially around Valentine’s Day and Easter) the Kroger Free Friday Download is a sweet treat!

If you aren’t familiar with finagling freebies, the idea can seem a bit far-fetched, but honestly snagging coupons and free stuff is entirely doable. Just be prepared to get creative and invest a little time in the endeavor.

Think ahead…way ahead and take advantage of Easter clearance.

As soon as the holiday is over, all of the Easter stuff left on store shelves goes on clearance. Not the 10% off fake clearance either…we’re talking deep discounts, like 60-90% off.

If you have room to store it, buying next year’s Easter goodies this far in advance can save you a lot! Plus, you won’t have to worry about any last-minute shopping next year when you suddenly realize Easter is three days away.

Tip: If buying edible Easter clearance items like Peeps and chocolate bunnies be sure to check the expiration date and consider freshness.

Don’t get your heart set on a certain item.

One of the best ways to fill an Easter basket on the cheap is to keep your options open. Sure, there may be one toy that your little one has been begging for, but it isn’t worth blowing your budget over. Instead, look for similar and cheaper alternatives. Don’t be afraid to shop around and go for items a bit outside of the box that aren’t just fun. Sometimes practical products (items that you would have ended up buying anyway) like alarm clocks or toiletry sets make good Easter basket fillers.fill easter baskets

If you need a little inspiration check out these 101 Easter basket ideas for kids.

Forget gifts altogether.

When you were growing up, did you get a bunch of gifts for Easter? Probably not. You probably got some colored eggs and maybe some candy but it was more about the family time, right? Perhaps church services and a big old Easter dinner. If you’re on a really tight budget, consider going back to that.

There’s nothing wrong with making Easter less about gifts and sweet treats and more about quality time with loved ones.

Instead of spending time and money hunting for gifts to fill those Easter baskets, plan activities the whole family can enjoy together such as cooking up tasty special Easter dishes for a family dinner or decorating the house with homemade Easter decor.

Your kiddos will remember the Easter the whole family spent the day together making things far longer than a few gifts in an Easter basket.

Don’t let Easter land you in the poor house! There are all sorts of ways to fill an Easter basket on the cheap…including skipping the Easter basket altogether. Use these options to create a fun (and frugal!) holiday that you and the kiddos won’t soon forget.

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