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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Health & Beauty, How To | 0 comments

Find Your Fitness Motivator


There are a lot of things we all talk about doing. But talking is one thing and doing is another. And the key to doing anything is motivation.

Motivation in both our professional and personal lives is crucial to success. And the same goes for fitness. We all want to work out, but sometimes there is a disconnect between thinking and doing. 

So how do we bridge the gap? Sometimes it’s easier said than done. So, to help get you up and get going, we found some helpful tips on how to get motivated with your fitness routine.

Like many people this time of year, we’ve made FEELING GOOD a New Year’s resolution for ourselves…and that means getting in some kind of exercise and yes, losing a little weight. But let’s face it, a big deterrent to embracing a healthier lifestyle is a huge lack of motivation. It’s such a hurdle! If you’re unmotivated, it just makes it all the more difficult to start (and stick to) a regularly scheduled workout routine.

So we decided to get in touch with some experienced fitness experts (who are busy, working moms themselves) to talk to them about how to get and stay motivated for the long haul.

Read all the tips at The Pioneer Woman

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