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Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Home & Garden | 0 comments

Five Minute Clean Machine

Speed Clean your Spring Clean!

It is time to spring clean, that age-old chore practiced since prehistoric times when cave people used tree branches to get out the winter’s grime! Spring fever is one of the greatest motivators to dust away the cobwebs, open the windows and get the house sanitized and disinfected to help keep your family healthy. But what if you are a busy person who does not have the time, energy or motivation to deep clean your house from top to bottom? Or what if you just hate to clean? No worries! If you are feeling overwhelmed this year, take a deep breath, and just keep reading. My five minute spring cleaning tips for different sections of your home will make you feel like a spring cleaning expert in no time.


The Kitchen – According to a March 2014 Valpak Readership Survey, people’s biggest cleanliness pet peeve was their kitchen, with the main culprit being their refrigerators. The refrigerator handle happens to be one of the most bacteria infested places in your home. Use an antibacterial or disinfectant product to spray the handle on the top, bottom and front. Let the formula sit and work its magic for one minute before wiping off. Once you are done with the refrigerator, use your disinfectant on the stove top, oven door, microwave and dishwasher for a quick kitchen sweep.

The Bathroom – Spray germicidal cleaner with hydrogen peroxide on your grout to kill mildew in the gaps between your wall and floor tiles. If you notice any discolored areas, use a grout whitening product to make the tiling look brand new. Next, focus on the toilet where you should thoroughly clean the handle, tank and seat to kill germs. You can either wipe off or rinse the cleaner.

The Bedroom – Most bedspreads become neglected throughout the year, which means that germs can be harbored. If your comforter is washable, throw it in the washer. If it is dry clean only, invest a quick trip to drop it off at your local dry cleaner. Some people have decorative comforters that they do not sleep with – if you have one, grab a can of spray disinfect and spray both sides and let dry. Trust me, you will sleep more soundly at night knowing that your bed set is clean and fresh!

Living Areas – Spray a disinfectant cleaner on a damp cloth to target items that are often touched by people in your household. Create a fast system going room-to-room working the outer wall first (e.g., light switches, doorknobs), and then scouting the inner room (e.g., remote controls, phones) for a thorough cleaning.

Heavy-Duty Jobs – Make the choice this year to take the stress out of spring cleaning and bring in the professionals for projects like carpet cleanings, drapery, landscaping or installing new windows. Use Valpak to help find deals for these types of jobs that often linger on your “to-do” list. Your spring cleaning mission can be as quick as a five minute phone call to schedule an appointment, and an easy way to save time and money!

The Floors – 85% of the dirt in your household comes from the bottom of shoes!* Want to clean your floors in five minutes year-round? Implement a family rule where everyone is required to take their shoes off before walking through your home, and have an electric broom, a washable flat microfiber mop, and spray disinfectant on-hand to do a quick sweep of your floors every week.

* (Health & Safety International)                                                    

Laura Dellutri is a recognized home and lifestyle expert that travels the country to share cleaning tips and advice for busy working families. She is the resident Life and Style Expert for “The Daily Buzz,” has appeared on national television shows such as ABC’s “The View” and CBS’s “The Early Show” and in notable magazines such as Real Simple, Redbook, Woman’s Day and Family Circle.

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