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Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Seasonal & Events | 2 comments

Frugal Romance? You Bet! 7 Ideas Under $20

Inexpensive-Romantic-Ideas-743x1024Everyone needs a little romance! But for many couples, funds are tight because of job loss, college expenses, debt reduction, or trying to stay on a budget. And while it would be amazing to receive a diamond necklace or new big screen television from the one you love, you don’t have to cut out romance because of a lack of funds. More often than not, the thought behind a gift means more than the gift itself. So here are seven inexpensive romantic ideas for under $20.

1. Go out to eat. But choose breakfast instead of dinner. Going out to dinner can easily cost $30, sometimes more if you have drinks and dessert. Cut that bill in half by waking up early on a Saturday morning and hitting your favorite breakfast spot. As a general rule, breakfast cost half of dinner – plus what better way to start a day than some one-on-one time with your loved one.

2. Take a hike and pack a picnic lunch. Pick a hike that will challenge you and your sweetheart, but not tire you. Enjoy the challenge of getting to the peak, the natural beauty and the leisurely walk on the way down. Celebrate at the end with a high-end picnic lunch filled with olives, lunch meat, fruit, and cheese.

3. In-Home Movie Night. Put the kids to be early, open a good bottle of wine, get into a snuggle position and enjoy a movie from Redbox. Take a few minutes after the movie to talk about it…what you liked or didn’t like, funniest part, most dramatic scene, hottest actor, etc.

4. Thrift Store or Garage Sale Hunting. Take the $20 and have a scavenger hunt. Make a list before you go of either practical or silly things. (Like Elvis memorabilia, tupperware, bad painted artwork, etc.) The one who finds all of their items first, wins.

5. Make a meal together. Pick out a new recipe together that requires a little bit of prep, shop together, and then spend the evening  making your culinary masterpiece. Bonus…you may have some yummy leftovers for another day.

6. Use coupons or daily deal sites and try something new. There are always daily deals or coupons for salon services, restaurants, events, activities and more. Don’t be afraid to use a coupon or voucher to try something new, especially if you can do it for under $20.00.

7. Volunteer together. Want to realize how fortunate you are? Take a couple of hours and donate your time to a special project close to your hearts. Volunteering together is a special and fun way to hang out and helping others in need. Not to mention, you’ll come away from it feeling extremely thankful for all of your blessings.

And here are more frugal date night ideas to help keep the romance alive.

Kelly Snyder is a DealPro and founder of the blog. A self-described foodie, she loves a good bargain, a good glass of wine, and beautiful things (and not necessarily in that order).


  1. Great list! I’m actually talking about a similar topic on TV tomorrow and most of our ideas overlap (Except of course for the thrift stores…I don’t think I could do that even if my husband begged me 😉

    • You should try the estate sale one…it’s a hoot. We’ve had competitions for ugliest plate set, pillows, drapes…you name it.

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