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Posted by on Apr 12, 2018 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Fun and Frugal Rainy-Day Activities for Kids

April showers bring…stir-crazy kiddos who drive mom bonkers! Okay, that’s not quite as catchy as the traditional “April showers bring May flowers,” but it is accurate. At least around here. So, what is a budget conscious mom to do? Here are some fun and frugal rainy-day activities to keep those little balls of energy engaged!

Printables: Print Up Some Fun 

Printables are the perfect frugal activity when you need a plan B and you need it fast! For example, when the weatherman assured you the day would be sunny…and you wake up to something just shy of a typhoon.

Luckily, there are all different kinds of totally free printables available online, including:

  • Puzzles
  • Coloring sheets
  • Games
  • Educational worksheets

Regardless of your kiddo’s age or preferences, you can find a printable to keep him or her entertained. If you want something fun and educational, try these printable free alphabet templates or this free printable play money template.

Bring the Great Outdoors Inside 

If you aren’t afraid to get your hands (and your house!) a little dirty, there are certain outdoor activities you can bring inside.

For example, why not treat you and your kiddo to a tropical escape? With this simple recipe for sand dough, you and your child can spend the day building sand castles and sculptures in the comfort of your own home. Sorry, fruity drinks with little umbrellas are not included!

Another fun option is to create your own bubbles. This recipe is great because all you really need is dish soap, water, and a straw.

These activities make for a full day of fun without breaking the bank! However, spare yourself hours of cleanup by keeping these activities to hard surfaces like the tiled kitchen floor.

Get Crafty 

Kids craft projects can be a great way to keep those little hands out of trouble on rainy days. Look for crafts that use found objects or household items that might otherwise end up in the trash (like empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls). There are lots of craft projects that cost just pennies to make.

If you’re looking for fun spring options try bunny masks or this chick purse.

Look for simple craft projects that have a purpose once the project is done. For example, after you and the kiddos make those bunny masks you could come up with a skit or sing along.

Tip: When picking a DIY project to tackle, consider the time of year. Are there any holidays (like the 4th of July or Mother’s Day), birthdays, or special occasions coming up? If so, get your kids jazzed up by finding a project that can be given as a gift like this Father’s Day keepsake box.

Don’t let the rain ruin your day! Turn to these frugal and fun activities to keep your sanity and the kids entertained!

Kelli Bhattacharjee, the proprietor of, is a former investment professional with nearly ten years of experience who has a passion for showing others how to live a frugal yet fabulous life.