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Posted by on May 1, 2018 in Guest Posts, Home & Garden | 0 comments

Gearing Up For Gardening

gardening Spring is here and it is time to start thinking about what items you want to grow in your garden this year. Make sure that you have a successful gardening season by doing some prep work now. Follow these easy tips on how to gear up for the ultimate gardening season:

Have a Plan

The excitement of warmer temperatures can quickly become overwhelming to gardeners who roam their local gardening center. It is very easy to want to buy every single plant packet that you see at the store but will become a nightmare once you’re at home.

Lay out a plan and make a list of seeds that you absolutely need to purchase this year based on your gardening goals. Keep some extra space in your garden for a few new varieties of things that you want to try this year. Knowing where you will plant every seed, along with how much space that plant needs, is important to a successful gardening season.

Fix Broken Tools

Nothing is more frustrating that being in your garden and realizing that you don’t have the right tools for the job. Preview your garden tools before you even step foot in your garden in order to make sure that you won’t be making extra trips to the store on a sunny day. Think about the gardening process and make sure that you have the tools you’ll need including a shovel, trowel, hose, rake, and gardening gloves. If something needs to be tossed do so now before you get too far into gardening season.

Invest In a Rototiller

Are you always breaking your back while trying to turn over the soil from last year’s garden? Or are you always borrowing your neighbor’s rototiller every year? Make this year the time when you invest in a rototiller that will fit your garden needs. A few hundred dollars will go far in making gardening easier. Rototillers save your back from exhausting work and will save you time so that you can get to planting earlier. Many different rototillers are on the market at different price points making it easy to fit any budget.

Stock Up On Supplies

If you know that you usually use 10 bags of potting soil every year go ahead and purchase those bags all at the same time this year. Having a supply of soil that you know you will use will save you time and money in having to go back to the store multiple times. Investing in a good pair of muck boots will also help to make your gardening easier this season as well. A good pair of rubber boots will keep you from wearing your athletic shoes in the garden and should easily last a few seasons. You won’t worry about mud or rain when you know that your feet are properly covered.

Gardening is a great way to reduce stress and enjoy your home even more. Make your garden your own sanctuary by preparing well for the upcoming growing season. Having a plan, stocking up on supplies, and preparing your tools will all go far in making sure that you have enough time to enjoy your garden this year.

Emily Higgins is a writer and homeowner inspired by retro pinup–she is constantly working on revamping her fixer upper to have a more chic vintage style. When she’s not working on remodeling, she can be found tending to her organic garden and cooking for family and friends.