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Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Savings Advice, Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

Get Your Wallet in Shape this Year


While many people are making fitness resolutions to get in shape or workout more, there are many other people who resolve to get their finances in shape. With the holidays having just passed, most people are concerned with how much they recently spent and are looking for ways to pay off debt or cut down on spending.

With some simple adjustments, you can start saving more effectively and with more benefits in the long-run. To help you to do this, we found some great ways you can save and start your year off right. For example, my personal favorite tip from the article is the “Shopping Ban,” which has proven to be most successful for myself.

However, less drastic measures, such as “Money Mapping” or “Rewards Points,” are also effective financial planning strategies. Whatever your lifestyle, there are sure to be some tips that work for you.

Take what you want; leave what you don’t. Simple as that. Now you’re on your way to saving.

Hope you had a very happy New Year’s Eve! I opted for a different route this year and stayed in with my hubs who is working 3 12-hr shifts in a row and picked up overtime to make us more money. I made an all plant-based dinner (first time making sprouts myself!) and we did a fun writing activity where you list your faves of 2015 and what your hopes for 2016 are including travel spots you want to visit, books you want to read, habits you want to break/learn, etc.

While we did the writing exercise, one of the biggest 2016 goals we kept mentioning was paying down debt, saving more and increasing our incomes. Obviously with paying to have a house built our finances are suffering this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t still take steps to thrive while we build. Here are my top tips & tricks to save money in 2016:

Read all the tips at The Budgetista

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