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Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Giveaways, Home & Garden | 0 comments

#GetYourSpringBack Twitter Party Wrap-Up

woman-cleaning-kitchenThanks to everyone who tweeted us during the #GetUrSpringBack Twitter! During the #Free4all, you asked questions, many questions, and now we’re providing the answers! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we received, and Laura Dellutri’s answers!

What can I do to make a small space feel larger?

1. Do not clutter small spaces – keep them neat and tidy to enlarge the room.
2. Use light deco colors (whites and beiges with accent color) and contrasts to open up a room.
3. Keep arrangements and art work simple. For example, hang one large picture versus six small frames, and have one accent piece on display (i.e. an orange vase with flowers) instead of mini items spread out throughout the room.
4. Let the light shine through! Window coverings should allow glorious sun to shine in, and open up your small room.

Tips for getting the latest accessories for home without breaking the bank?

Hit all the spring garage sales and thrift stores – it does not get any lower priced than that! Look at the 65% off or clearance rack at all home goods stores.

How can I find time for all of this spring cleaning? 

Take a deep breath, sit down and make yourself a chore list. Write down the heavy-duty jobs the professionals can take care of so you can save time and money this spring, like carpet and window cleaning, and check for the latest deals in your area. Then, write down the jobs you and your family can do together as an activity such as cleaning light fixtures and wiping baseboards. The best way to find time is to make time for it. Put the date on a calendar and block out your schedule. If you do not have a whole day, schedule three appointments to get it done. If you have a tight schedule every day, take 20 minutes a day before your day starts or at night before you go to bed to get the cleaning done little by little. If you need to work one room at a time, and it takes you the entire month of April, that is OK! No one said spring cleaning was a fast and easy job!

Simple ways to liven up your outdoor space?

Add color! A patio set with two red, yellow or orange pillows makes everything “pop.” An outdoor potted plant of the same color can add some nice color coordination. You can even add a patio cushion with a side table to display outdoor candles, trays, etc.

What is the best place to start when EVERYTHING needs cleaning?

In my book “Speed Cleaning 101,” I developed a tried-and-true system that works. Work a room top to bottom, and in a circle. Do high, mid and low cleaning, and most of all do not clean something that is already clean. Shine it up or dust it, but do not spend extra time on surfaces that are not dirty. You can find more tips like this at

Tips for organizing the kids playroom?

Secret, hidden storage bins! I love bench seats that double as a toy box. I also like self-contained toy storage like a Lego table that has storage in the middle. If the playroom has a closet, you can purchase child-friendly bins to make it into a toy storage closet. Over-the-door plastic shoe racks are great to store small play things, such as Barbie dolls, miniature cars, etc.

Be sure to also check out Laura’s tips from her “Living With Laura” segment on The Daily Buzz.

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