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Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Gift Guides | 0 comments

Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets

vday gift guide pets

Our pets are family, and we spend accordingly: about $58 billion last year. That’s triple the amount 10 years ago, says the American Pet Products Association. Why not show your four-footed child some love with Valentine’s Day pet gifts?  Here are six ideas, from cheap to extravagant (but don’t worry, online coupon codes take the bark out of the splurge).

1st Row:

There’s nothing a cat loves more (except you, or maybe not) than hunting. This sturdy play box is like kitty Whack-a-Mole, offering hours of fun chasing toys or catnip treats in the holes!

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box – $24.99

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OK, we’ve got to get a splurge in there. Since a dog can’t wear a ring, a collar will have to do. Bling it up! You’ll find plenty of designers are going to the dogs these days. Check out coupon codes for merchants like Neiman Marcus and get it for less.

Frida Small Pink Jeweled Leather Collar with Chain Lead – $450

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2nd Row:

You can’t take the chill out of the air but you can keep your furry friend nice and warm with something like this sweet, themed sweater.

Pup Crew Pink Striped Love Dog Sweater – $8.99

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So your cat is already the boss of the house. Give him his own – one that’s befitting of his place in your heart.

Kitty Mansions Bel Air Cat Tree – $179.99

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3rd Row:

There’s nothing a doggie loves more (except you) than a good chew toy she can sink her teeth into. Here’s a cute one for the season of love.

PUPPY Tail Waggers Chew with Heart Dog Toy – $6.99 Coupon Codes

Pet beds have become as adorable as what you buy your two-legged children. This tulle-covered canopy lounger will spoil your pooch or pussycat to a new level – if that’s even possible.

Pawslife™ Pet Canopy Bed – $29.99

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Your pet may not know it’s Valentine’s Day, but he or she will love an extra treat, and you’ll enjoy some extra tail-whippin’ gratitude.

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