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Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 in Health & Beauty | 0 comments

How to Hide that You Didn’t Wash Your Hair

Hair - BTB

Has your alarm ever gone off only to leave you thinking, “why am I doing this?” Why am I setting my alarm to give myself an additional 45 minutes to wash and dry my hair? That’s my life every morning.
I cannot stand washing and doing my hair.
It takes too long and my arms get tired [end whining].
Who has time for that anymore?
Here are a few tricks to get you by without washing your hair.

  • Switch your part: If you usually part your hair down the side, switch it up. I guarantee the opposite side is less oily. Bonus: going against how your hair is trained will give you volume!
  • Accessorize: A super cute headband should be in every lazy girl’s hair repertoire. Add a little sparkle or a simple color coordinated headband and push that stuff off your face.
    No one will pay attention to your hair with all the attention on your face.
  • Put it up: Go for a sleek bun a la Kimmie K. Pull it back and pile it high. No one will know the difference. Throw on some cute hoops or add a scarf to your outfit to complete the look.
  • Give it some heat: Curling or straightening your hair I find is best when your hair is oily. It helps to hold the style, and the extra oil will protect your hair from damage (at least in my mind it does.)
  • Invest in Dry Shampoo: No woman should go without this stuff. SERIOUSLY. My current favorite is Batiste which you can score at Urban Outfitters in a range of scents, but there are plenty out there. Pretty much every hair care line has included a dry shampoo in their arsenal, and you should too.

Do you, catch some extra ZZZs, and never wash your hair again!
(Ok maybe one more time.)

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