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Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in Home & Garden | 0 comments

Home Remodeling? Avoid These 4 Projects

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Investing in your house is a great thing to do – if you choose your home remodeling projects wisely. Kitchen remodels are touted to be the thing you can do that will never backfire. But if you sink $50,000 into a kitchen in a modest neighborhood, you’re almost definitely not going to get the return you hoped for.

It’s important to do your research and even consult with an agent to ensure the remodels you’ve chosen are right for your home. Need some help? Check this stuff out!

In-ground Swimming Pools

The concept of a swimming pool is grandiose and luxurious. Installing a swimming pool costs thousands of dollars and maintaining it can cost thousands more each year. In a handful of states that get sunshine and warm weather all year round, a pool could potentially benefit the home value. But for most states, a pool is more of an expensive time suck than an awesome place to spend summer days.

Instead: Consider a natural pool. Utilizing similar filtration systems as found in nature, natural pools cost about the same to install but require no chemicals for upkeep. That means you’ll get the advantage of the pool without the maintenance costs.

Home Office

It’s one thing to deck out a spare room and use it as a home office. It’s another thing to create an office space that would awkwardly serve as a spare room. There is more demand for bedrooms than home offices and many buyers will see it as a waste of square footage. Any additions that are meant for a home office should be carefully planned to ensure they meet the needs of a bedroom as well.

Instead: Don’t remove closet spaces found in bedrooms. Instead, try placing a desk inside the closet and take advantage of the storage space. Need a visual? Check out these ideas.


Windows are expensive. And if you have custom-sized windows, they are really expensive. A replacement project might save you on energy bills over the years. But racking up well over $15,000 at installation, it’s going to take a long time to get your money back. While getting new, energy-efficient windows is a great home remodel element with long-term value, it’s not a quick fix to do right before you put your house on the market.

Instead: For just a small percentage of what you would spend on windows, you can completely replace insulation and weather-strip your home. The energy savings will be big enough to be attractive to home buyers without a major out-of-pocket expenditure.

Specialty Spaces

I know, I know. Having a theater would be awesome. Wait, I mean, a home gym. Wait, did I mean an outdoor kitchen? Adding a space to your home that is specifically designed for a use outside of the typical rooms can be a turnoff to potential buyers. Just because you’re in love with the idea of cooking all your meals outside or having your own art studio doesn’t mean anyone else will ever want to use the room that way again.

Instead: That doesn’t mean you can’t have the space you want. Be creative with your home remodel planning to make your space is flexible and can easily transition to a different use. You can achieve this by using non-permanent structures and features. Think stand-alone shelving instead of built-ins.
Don’t let your house be a money pit. Consult an experienced real estate agent to look at comps in your neighborhood and determine values of different kinds of home remodel projects. Not only could it save you money during the project, but it could also make a big profit when you decide to sell.

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