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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Guest Posts | 1 comment

Homemade Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year where the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping begins. However, there are many homemade gift ideas that that are inexpensive and will keep you out of crowded lines. Remember that gift giving doesn’t have to be about giving an expensive item. Heartfelt homemade items can be just as nice as a store bought gift and they can save you a lot of money!

DIY ceramic coasters are a great way to preserve family photographs or Holiday cards from the past. Really the possibilities are endless when it comes to the design of the ceramic coaster. This project uses 4″ x 4″ ceramic tiles that you can find at a hardware store and Mod Podge. Add a felt backing and a decorative trim to complete the coaster.

Instead of spending a lot of money on spa treatment items, try making your own! Bath scrubs and salts can be made in the matter of minutes from items you most likely already have. Scrubs can be made from Epsom salt, sea salt, canning salt or sugar. Add a little essential oil, food coloring, vanilla, instant coffee or oil and you are ready to go! For a bath soaking salt, there are only three ingredients- salt, essential oil and food coloring. The Mocha Vanilla Body Scrub has a few more ingredients but it will leave your skin soft and silky while waking you up with the coffee scent!

Homemade ornaments are another great gift plus you can get your children involved in the process.  Glass ornaments can be decorated with acrylic paint for an elegant glass bulb.  A project the children are sure to enjoy is birdseed ornaments! Of course the birds will love these too! Make birdseed ornaments with cookie cutters and a little knox gelatin, corn syrup, birdseed and flour.

Applesauce Cinnamon ornaments are made from the simplest ingredients- applesauce and cinnamon! These ornaments smell so good for months. Ornaments make a great gift for teachers, neighbors or for adding to a gift basket!

Plate stands are easy to make with plates found at a second hand store or the Dollar Tree and a candlestick. Make some cookies and homemade candy and add them to the plate stand for a yummy gift. This would make a great hostess gift and the stand can be used for years to come.

Food gifts are always great for people that are hard to buy for. We all have people on our lists that have everything they need. Giving them a consumable gift, is an easy way to go! It is a little late to make homemade vanilla extract since this project takes a couple of months. Keep this on your list for next year though!

Edible gifts can be as simple as dried herbs from your garden to as complex as canning jam.  Homemade mixes like hot cocoa or cookies can be placed in mason jars. Just print a label with the directions on it and tie it with a ribbon.  Of course my favorite edible gift to make is English toffee! Homemade candy and cookies are always a big hit.

There are so many other ideas for homemade gifts that are inexpensive and easy too. Pinterest is a great resource for coming up with ideas. Take advantage of coupons at from your local hobby and craft store to purchase the needed supplies. Make sure to take inventory around the house before you head off shopping too! Many items might already be in your cabinet waiting to be used. Remember to get started now to avoid the last minute rush of gift making and giving!

Guest blogger Renae Chiovaro is a DealPro and founder of How to Have it All, a website helping others learn how to balance work and motherhood while saving money.

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  1. Those are great homemade gifts ideas. cheap and useful.

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