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Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 in How To | 1 comment

How Handwritten Notes Can Make You More Successful

handwritten notes

It might be time to invest in some high quality stationery — and a pen. Trend-watchers are seeing a return to handwritten notes and letters. No, it’s not the latest hipster affectation; it’s a way to show someone you care enough to take effort and single them out. And that’s a rarity in the fast-paced, impersonal digital world.

Handwritten notes can create a memorable impression after a job interview, make a customer feel like more than a number, and cement bonds between neighbors in tenuous times. Want to reach out from the heart and truly be remembered? Trade those emoji for an honest-to-goodness ballpoint pen and give it a try.

This article first appeared on Lifehack.

A handwritten note shows deeper investment as paper, stamps, drafting, and visiting the mailbox indicates costliness in both time and effort — the appreciation is perceived as greater and leaves a lasting impression.

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  1. You’re assuming they will be in the office to read it.

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