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Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Grocery, How To | 0 comments

Why Family Dining is So Important

family dining BTB

Whether it’s a proper table with a home-cooked meal, or a couch with pre-ordered food, family dining lets you hear what’s going on in your kids’ lives. It teaches them the art of conversation, and it models table manners that will serve them well throughout their lives. Here’s what one mom has learned from bringing her family together at the dinner table, as told in a powerful article on

Sometimes it feels like life conspires to keep us apart. We go off to work, school and activities without each other. We come home, and we go to our separate corners to read, do homework and watch TV. Individual experiences that beget independence are vital for helping children mature into healthy adults. But so is a sense of belonging to people who care about what you did while you were gone.

Read her story, and surprising statistics about dining together, in the full Mommiedaze article



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