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Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in How To | 0 comments

How to Be More Productive at Home

productive at home

Whether you work from home, are a stay-at-home mom or just want to get more done, you probably struggle with staying productive at home. Everyone has their hacks and tips: the morning ritual of making and savoring a cup of good coffee, setting reminders to divide up your schedule, setting social time, or turning on a strand of string lights at day’s end. 

When you don’t establish a good flow and set boundaries for yourself, it’s easy to fall victim to procrastination and get very little accomplished. Here are 5 more ways to increase your productive time painlessly.

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Fortunately, procrastinating is not a disease. It’s merely a bad habit that can be changed, well, with a good one. To help you start, here are five simple hacks to be productive at home.

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