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Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in How To | 0 comments

How to Build a DIY Backyard Playground

DIY backyard playground

Until recently, my backyard was basically a dirt pit. The previous owners hadn’t done much. And since I had our first child 3 months after we bought the place, we hadn’t done much either. So when we recently laid sod, I decided it was time to make the yard a fun place for our kids. Unfortunately, play sets are expensive and somewhat permanent structures, which because of the layout of our yard and zoning issues, we cannot have. The good news, though, is that the internet has plenty of ideas for us! Here some of my favorites:

Outdoor Chalkboard

Kids love sidewalk chalk, but one thing moms hate are the chalk prints all over shorts and pants. Mounting an outdoor chalkboard gives kids a special space in the yard to create art that isn’t going to get brushed away under tiny feet. This easy DIY tutorial has beautiful results, but there are plenty of other simple options out there.


If there’s one thing I don’t like about most play sets, they don’t blend in with the rest of the yard. So when I saw this adorable racetrack that melds with the landscaping, I fell in love. The instructions are fairly simple and require just a handful of supplies. And the results are a permanent place for your kids to have to themselves.

Mound Slide

Speaking of blending in, mound slides are the ultimate playground equipment that couple perfectly with landscaping. Start by searching your local Craigslist or OfferUp for a cheap or free slide. Add some fill dirt, some stepping stones or blocks and simple plants, and you’ve got yourself an awesome new feature in your yard. I particularly love that little ones can navigate this without you having to worry about them falling off the ladder.

Tire Sandbox

Nothing is more special than a project you can tackle with your little one’s help. A tire sandbox makes use of an old tractor tire, an old sheet, a pool noodle and some plywood. While your kids probably can’t help with the sawing, they can paint the tire and make it their own. This cute step-by-step adds an umbrella to the center for lots of fun in the shade!

A Music Fence

One of my favorite ideas I encountered, and probably also the least peaceful, is a music fence. This site shows a separate fence hanging on their existing fences to hold xylophones, pots and pans, wind chimes and more to make musical magic, but you can probably mount these items on your existing fence if you want to skip the extra work. The beauty of this add-on is that your kids are making noise OUTSIDE.

Summer is coming, so getting your yard ready for hours of fun now will guarantee a little peace and quiet down the road. Invest in your summer and deck out your yard now!

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