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Posted by on May 2, 2016 in Fashion, Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

How to Buy the Perfect Bathing Suit for Your Body Type

bathing suit

The temperature is rising, summer is almost here, and this means it’s time to start thinking about bathing suit shopping. If that statement is causing your blood pressure to spike and you now have a sweat coming on, please keep reading; I’m only here to help. Did you know the majority of women on this planet do not want to think about bathing suits let alone shop for one? But ladies… you can do this. By identifying your “swimwear type” and reading my 9 tips to help get the right suit, you can keep your cool while preparing for the heat.

Swimwear Type

Which one are you?   

A. Those who want to flaunt it: You rock the revealing bikini – or anything for that matter

B. Those who want to enhance it: You feel great in a swimsuit but even better with the right push up, padding, or underwire

C. Those who want to cover it up: You like to camouflage trouble areas 

D. Those who just won’t do it: You wear a cover up at all times or stay away from water altogether 

First, let me say “good for you,” category A’s! This group can actually get excited about buying a bikini or any style suit for that matter, and can’t wait to wear it.  The Category B’s look great but enjoy having a little extra push. And category C & D’s may feel really good in clothes, but cringe when it comes to being exposed. For this group, swimwear shopping can create a hotbed of issues, and is often avoided at all costs.

Work with Who You Are Now

As the owner of an image and fashion consulting company, STYLEdge Fashion ™, my business partner, Patty Soltis, and I encourage clients to accept where they are right now in regard to their bodies. We also teach them secrets to making the best of what they have today.

No matter your “Swimwear Type,” or whether you like swimsuit shopping or not, I’ve created tips to help you look and feel your best this summer and avoid shopping pitfalls.

  1. Plan in advance. It’s never good to shop under the gun and especially with swimwear.
  2. Stick to your budget. Great bathing suits are available at all price points. Even discount stores, like Target, carry a wide variety for every type of figure.
  3. Know the exact use for the suit. If the occasion involves a family gathering it’s a good idea to scale it back a little, or if it’s a water adventure you seek (ex. white water rafting, water skiing) an athletic one piece will do the job.
  4. You might want to avoid the mall. There are numerous swimwear options online and many websites make the process easy. The secret is to order many options, in various styles and sizes. Try on at home and return what doesn’t work.
  5. Hints for shopping at the mall: Department store dressing room lighting can be unforgiving. If a lack of ambiance could send you into a tailspin go to a specialty boutique. Many swimwear boutiques have light switch dimmers in the dressing room which can dramatically impact your experience.
  6. Think strategically. Most tops and bottoms are sold separately. Choose colors to be mixed and matched. If done right you can double your swimsuit wardrobe. For more coverage think tankini, swim skirts and swim shirts.
  7. Get the right fit. Swimwear has evolved! Sizing is now very specific. You can find petite, regular, long, and women’s sizes with exact cup sizes too. There are also great options if you’ve had a mastectomy.
  8. Do the jump tests. To avoid a bathing suit that ends up at your waist when you hit the water, jump up and down in the dressing room (no, I’m not kidding) to gauge the stability and support of the piece.
  9. Coordinate the entire look. The right earring, scarf, hat and sandal can take your beach attire from fine to fabulous.

By using these 9 tips as a guide, regardless of your swimwear type, you are sure to find the best suit for you. The right style will not only change your mindset about swimwear but also your mood this season. Maybe even the swimsuit avoiders will give shopping for one another shot. Remember that whether you are an A, B, C or D, you can keep your cool by planning ahead for the heat.

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