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Posted by on Mar 22, 2016 in Holiday, How To | 0 comments

How to Do a Non-Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

nontraditional Easter egg hunt

Easter can be a challenge due to the erratic spring weather, but a non-traditional Easter egg hunt gives you options snow, rain or shine. Living in Florida, we can easily have an 85 degree day perfect for outdoor fun. But I grew up in a place where some years were sunny and some were snowy and some featured torrential downpours. This year, plan a flawless hunt your kids won’t forget.

Wet Easter Egg Hunt

If you live in a warm climate like me, a wet Easter egg hunt might be just the way to beat the heat. Take pictures in your Easter best before you get started. Hide your eggs and set up sprinklers for the kids to run through. If you’re feeling particularly feisty, put plastic eggs inside of water balloons for a little extra fun getting to the goodies!

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

For close knit neighbors, make it a large scale Easter egg hunt. Stash a ton of one color of egg at one house, another color at another house and so on. Accompany your kids from house to house until they collect all of their eggs and earn a big reward!

Glow in the Dark Hunt

For older kids, save the hunt for after dark. Dye your eggs with a glow in the dark dye and scatter them throughout your yard. Provide flashlights and baskets and send them out for the fun! Avoid placing eggs near tripping hazards to keep things safe and fun.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Kids love pirates — they always have and always will. Scout out housing spots ahead of time and make a treasure map that leads your kids to one egg after the next until they reach the ultimate treasure — their Easter baskets! To prevent jealousy or fights, make a map for each little one.

Indoor Hunt

Because Easter Sunday is as likely to be bitter cold as it is warm and sunny, planning an indoor egg hunt as a backup plan (or the main event) is a great idea. Contain your hunt to a couple of rooms or the whole house, but keep a list of where you’ve hidden each egg. This will prevent finding a rotten egg behind your curtains three weeks later.

No matter the weather or the theme, Easter is the perfect time to celebrate family togetherness and getting a fresh start in the spring. So start a new tradition with a non-traditional Easter egg hunt this year!

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