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Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Grocery, Health & Beauty | 0 comments

How to Eat Organic Food on a Budget


Eating healthy is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. When our diet is filled with fruits and vegetables, our bodies get all the important nutrients we need to feel your best. And when you feel your best, you can do your best. And isn’t that what we all want? To do our best? Of course.

Well, the problem is that eating healthy is not always cheap. In fact, it can sometimes even be downright expensive, depending on where you shop and what you buy. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With the right shopping strategy, you can still save while shopping organic. From coupons to planting a garden, there are many different ways you and your family can eat healthy on a budget.

Originally published by North State Parent

Food for thought: How much does the average American family spend on groceries per month?

The national average is around $250 a week for a family of four. How much we spend on groceries varies of course, based on many factors like income, region & members per household – as well as whether we eat out – but groceries are still one of the biggest expenses families have, after the rent or mortgage bill.

The question is, how to eat for less but still eat healthy? How do you get the best quality for the best deal (not necessarily the cheapest) on a minimum budget? Here are ways to save money and still make sure you’re feeding your family a healthy and well-balanced diet…

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