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Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

How To Fit Play into a Hectic Schedule


Play matters! All kids deserve a chance to play. Yet many of today’s kids – especially the 16 million living in poverty – aren’t getting the balanced and active play they need to thrive.

Valpak is proud to announce we’re teaming up with the nonprofit KaBOOM! to “ensure that kids have the opportunity to play every day, everywhere.” Since 1995, KaBOOM! has constructed more than 2,000 playgrounds in North America and inspired a movement for children’s rights to play.

The “Valpak Saves” campaign hopes to raise awareness and support KaBOOM!’s mission to inspire play and healthy living within our communities. Throughout the year we will be providing helpful ideas on how you can incorporate play into your everyday life.

This week, DealPro Lynette Rice shares her tips on how playtime is possible (and necessary!), even with a busy schedule.

Everyone is busy. I’m busy. You’re busy. My kids are even busy. It’s amazing how many things we try to pack into the few hours we’re awake. We make lists. We try to cross off everything on that list. Grocery store. Check. Pick up the dry cleaning. Check. But what about the important moments that our kids will remember? What about play? How do we fit play into an already full schedule?

Here’s a few tips I’ve used in our home to make sure we take a breath and enjoy playing around.

Schedule Play
Yes, it’s that simple. We schedule play. If you find your day is so full you look back on it and wonder what moments you had with your kids, you need to take a break and schedule in play. Whether it’s a trip to the playground before dinner or an extra 20 minutes outside before dark, scheduling in play means you’re intentional about making play happen.

Go With The Flow Play
There are so many teachable moments in life. Most of those moments happen without any planning at all. If you find yourself driving by a new playground, stop and enjoy it for a few minutes. If your children see construction paper race tracks in a magazine, go down to the basement, dig out the construction paper and spend 45 minutes making the race track. (I speak from experience.)

Everyday Chores Play
My kids love to do the dishes. I don’t know how long that’s going to last, but while it’s exciting for them, I let them help me in the mornings and after dinner. They fill up the sink with soapy water and enjoy “helping” me. It’s play. They start to imagine the submarine is under the spaceship and it can’t get out of the water. They’re playing while doing some of the simplest home tasks. I wish, as an adult, I was better at that.

Make It Happen Play
Kids have too much on their plates sometimes. They come home from a full day at school and they want to unwind, grab a flashlight and head outside to play flashlight tag. While everyone might feel a little too tired, making play happen will end up bringing some fabulous memories to your family. Even in your most tired moments, set a timer for 15 minutes and let play happen!

There are lots of ways to play. You always have time for things you make a priority. Make play a priority this week in your schedule, and watch the laughter and smiles invade your hectic life.

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Join us in supporting this worthy cause! For as little as $5, you can help Valpak and KaBOOM! give kids the playful childhood they deserve. Give today at


Guest blogger Lynette Rice is a DealPro and founder of the blog, She helps others learn how to save money and do so by keeping it simple.

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