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How to Get Involved on Giving Tuesday

giving tuesday

“Giving Tuesday” is Dec. 3 — a day devoted to giving back to your community. Helping a neighbor with chores or shopping, volunteering for a cause, making a donation to the Salvation Army — these are a few ways to keep paying it forward. Even the smallest acts of generosity and kindness go a long way, whether on Giving Tuesday or any day of the year. Here are some ways you can give.


It may not seem like it, but one of our most valuable resources is time. Volunteering your time not only helps those in need, but you will feel good for doing it! Choose a project that means something to you. Ideas? Animal shelters always need cleaning and help with dogs and cats. Volunteer at senior centers; elders have interesting life stories to tell. If you have musical talent, you can share that, too. Homeless shelters can always use some extra help.


It may be a given that all nonprofit organizations need donations to survive. Yet, there are only so many of your donation dollars to go around. Host fundraising events to raise money for your favorite organizations. Giving Tuesday participating organizations are easy to find online. You can also contact charitable groups in your neighborhood to see who needs what. Chances are, you’ll find an organization in need that matches your ideology.

Fundraisers are relatively easy to put on these days, especially when you set one up through Facebook. You can also use Facebook to easily search for fundraisers taking place nearby. Some fundraising activities you can host include donation drives, gaming competitions and sponsorships.

Payroll donations allow you to support your favorite charities with a small weekly or monthly deduction. Ask your employer if this is possible within your company.

Pro Bono Service Donation

Can you offer your expertise to those who could not otherwise afford it? Many nonprofit organizations can arrange for clients to receive legal and financial advice pro bono. If you’ve been lucky enough to go to school and make a decent living, you can give back to your community by offering some of your services for free.

Sometimes, all it takes to help others is to sign a petition, contact an elected official or fight for a cause that matters to you. Your voice is stronger than you know!

Community Efforts

Although Giving Tuesday is the first week of December, you can help your community in any season of the year. Start or join a local gardening organization such as a community garden. There are many benefits of a community garden, with the most rewarding being freshly grown vegetables. Physical activity outdoors, a clean environment and getting to know your neighbors through a shared common interest are all some of the perks. Donate the locally grown fruits, vegetables and flowers to senior organizations, homeless shelters and food banks.

The Little Things

Simple acts of kindness to strangers are ways to teach your children that everyone matters. Offer your seat on a bus or train, hold the door open for someone behind you, pull something off a top shelf in the grocery store, the list goes on and on. Teach your children that others may not be as fortunate: Have them choose what toys to donate to other children.

How to Help

There is no shortage of ways you can help in your community on Giving Tuesday (or any other time of year). Contact your local government, health department, church, or synagogue. Check online for a community campaign near you.

Get social! Post your #UNselfie on social media.

Giving Tuesday is a great time to give your time, money and talents, but don’t stop there! With the holiday season upon us, there are many opportunities for you to show your gratitude. You can help others with gifts of time, money, food and everyday necessities. Every little thing counts. Make Giving Tuesday part of your weekly routine, every week of the year.

Bob Pitkins is an environmental journalist who reports on sustainability efforts around the country. He enjoys trying out new vegan restaurants and visiting second-hand stores in every city he visits.



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