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Posted by on Jan 29, 2018 in Guest Posts, Savings Advice, Shopping | 0 comments

How to Get the Best Deal on a New TV for the Big Game

best deal on a new TV deals big game super bowlThe Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Bars become packed and homes fill up with parties that tune in to watch the two best football teams play for the top title. At halftime, famous entertainers take to the stage and advertisers spend millions just to get a slot of commercial time. So for many people, having the right TV on which to watch the game is essential to fully enjoying every moment.

But getting a brand new TV just to watch the game can be costly, especially since demand for the big screens naturally increase the closer it gets to the Super Bowl. Be sure to follow these important shopping guidelines today so you don’t have to overspend on a new screen for the big event.

1. Purchase Premium Quality for a Bargain at Walmart

It’s easy to think that discount superstore Walmart would be the last place to find a TV that will impress your football fanatic friends. However, the store has one of the largest TV offerings that include low-end to high-end makes and models. Walmart sticks to its mission to help shoppers save by providing deals on the latest tech with extreme price rollbacks, a huge clearance section, and more ways to save.

But mega deals at Walmart don’t end with TVs alone. Pick up some of the hottest TV accessories to make your setup perfect for watching the game. Elevate the screen to a comfortable viewing height with an affordable wall mount or a stylish TV stand for a modest price.

Keep in mind that crafting a game plan is essential when buying any new TV. So stack on a promo code that will knock off big dollars from your purchase, and choose in-store pickup at a nearby Walmart to intercept extra shipping charges. Or try scoring some extra cash by using Walmart’s Savings Catcher service after buying a TV.

2. Get Hot Deals on High-Tech TVs at Best Buy

Don’t forget to check out electronics champion Best Buy for a gameday TV upgrade. The store’s wide range of TV types and prices make it possible to get a brand new screen for any budget, and its online TV center makes it easy to search by screen size, price range, and type.

Watch each play of the game with the clarity you need by seeking out a premium TV. The store has the best selection of specialty TVs such as LED, OLED, curved, and 4K ultra HD at reasonable prices. Smart TVs are particularly popular with consumers, so it’s worth checking all of today’s smart TV deals that can help you save on a feature-rich set.

But if you’re unable to tackle the bug price tag on the splashy TV you desire, Best Buy offers 24-month financing on purchases of $799 and up.

3. Source Straight from Samsung and Get Super Savings

Samsung models usually fall into the top picks of any TV shopper’s draft. The company leads the global TV market for creating devices with cutting-edge features that continue to innovate the home entertainment experience. While Samsung TVs are offered within the electronics sections of most retailers, some of the best Samsung TV prices are actually found in the Samsung online store.

If you scout the Samsung store website, you’ll notice the special offers section regularly features some of the brand’s most sophisticated TVs for half off. Budget shoppers also have the online advantage of free delivery, easy returns, and no-interest financing opportunities that make it easy to find a TV upgrade that won’t be a financial drain.

4. Buy a TV from Amazon to Take Advantage of Fast Delivery

Enjoy the amazing halftime show on a TV that was delivered in half the time, too.

A true TV deal should also include delivery, since stores will often pack on big charges for shipping. Fortunately, Amazon does provide free shipping opportunities for bargain-savvy shoppers.

If you become an Amazon Prime member, you can have access to free, 2-day shipping on thousands of products — including some of the top TVs you can buy.

Amazon ranks high among stores for its competitive selection and low prices. Just don’t get fooled into paying more than you should for shipping, and remember to top off any deals you find with a coupon code to guarantee a savings touchdown.

5. Score Mega TV Sizes for Low Prices at Newegg

For a big event like the Super Bowl, there’s no reason why it should be limited to a small TV screen.

Stop squinting and catch every crucial moment of the game with a brand new screen that’s at least 60″ or more from Newegg. Shoppers often pass over the online electronics giant for other stores, which is why it’s easy to discover untapped deals at Newegg that can’t be locked down anywhere else.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can also use the website’s advanced filters to sort through TVs of 60” and up by price, condition, and by leading brands, including LG and Sony. That way, you don’t ever have to compromise on quality and size for a decent cost.

Affordably Upgrade Your TV Ahead of the Big Game

tv deals big game super bowl

The Super Bowl only comes once a year, so don’t waste the game by watching it on a lackluster TV. Use the opportunity to upgrade your TV setup and enjoy every moment of the event, whether you plan to watch it alone or with a group of your buddies. Not only is it an investment to ensure you have the best Super Bowl experience possible, it’s an investment for all other big games year-round.

And shopping for a new screen doesn’t have to be an expense if you keep the above tips in mind. By getting a head start on the search for a new TV today, you’re guaranteed to be a winner when gameday finally comes around — regardless of the winning team.

Jon writes for various savings-oriented publications across the web, including and He also has more than 15 years of experience editing, writing, and designing — mostly in the sports department — for newspapers owned by The New York Times. In a previous life, Jon curated sports and entertainment memorabilia auctions for a high-end collectibles business. Currently, he enjoys watching sports, taking family road trips, and helping others save money in their everyday lives.