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Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in How To | 1 comment

How to Make Kids’ Bath Time More Fun

kids' bath time

If you’re a parent, chances are pretty good that you’ve considered letting your child live a totally natural lifestyle and risk them being the stinky kid just to avoid bath time. My kids love being in the bath, but they hate being washed. The worst part of my night is knowing that I’m going to not only shampoo their hair, but then also rinse that shampoo out of their hair. It is the tantrums that shames all tantrums. With an almost 4-year-old and 2-year-old, I’ve picked up some tricks along the way that make kids’ bath time less miserable, and maybe even fun.

Bath Hats

Rinsing shampoo out my kids’ hair was a nightmare, so it was the first problem I wanted to solve. A little Amazon shopping revealed to me the miracle that is a baby shower hat. These adorable little visors were perfect for when my kids were babies. It took a couple tries to adjust to wearing a hat without it getting torn off, but they both quickly accepted it and enjoyed the little waterfall in front of their faces. We grew out of the hats and needed another solution as toddlers. Enter the Lil’ Rinser. This made pouring water down the back and ensuring it didn’t get in their eyes or ears a snap.

Laundry Basket

I give my kids plenty of toys in the tub to keep them occupied. When they were littler, toys would float away, leading my babies to take chase. Inevitably, there would be a tumble or a bonked head on the faucet (which can be made painless by one of these). Then I saw a post on Pinterest that seemed like genius. Put a plastic laundry basket in the bathtub and put your baby inside. This really helped keep everyone contained and minimized tumbles. However, please note that a laundry basket doesn’t mean you can leave your baby unattended as some posts with this picture imply. Babies should never be alone in the tub!

Color Tablets

Adding a little color to bath time is fun. But let me tell you that the worst creations for toddlers in the tub are bath crayons and markers. Maybe I just tried a bad brand, but we used bath crayons a couple years ago and it took me months to get it off the bath tile. But Crayola Dropz (available at Walgreen’s) add color to the tub without leaving stains. Since it comes in primary colors, it’s also a fun way to show how to make other colors.

Glow Baths     

While a glow-in-the-dark bath isn’t for every kid, the ones that aren’t timid in the dark will love it. There are plenty of bath water additives out there to make the water glow that include highlighters, tonic water and crushed Vitamin B under a black light. Highlighters aren’t great for little ones that try to drink the water or splash in their faces. A more contained glow bath that doesn’t require a black light just relies on glow sticks tossed in the tub!

Bath Books

Interacting with your little ones is the best way to make a bath more fun. Because quite frankly, there’s nothing they love more than you. Reading simple bath books to them and having fun will make bath time something they look forward to.

No matter what you do to make kids’ bath time easier and more fun, remember the time will come when you will miss washing their hair or wiping their faces. Savor your time even when it’s not so fun!

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  1. Thank you for these awesome suggestions! This going to be helpful for all moms in the world. 😀 Keep it up, Andie!

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