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Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in Home & Garden, How To | 0 comments

How to Organize a Closet for Under $100

organize closet BTB

If it feels like you never have enough storage space, you’re absolutely wrong. You just need to know how to organize a closet or two. It’s very easy to DIY, as opposed to hiring a professional. 

Start by decluttering. This is absolutely necessary. Toss or donate things you haven’t worn in a year, as well as anything broken or hopelessly out of style. Then start to rethink the space you have. You don;t need costly professional organizational “systems.” Do it yourself! Measure carefully and buy hardware store supplies like racks and shelving. Add some cheap organizers from your local big box or grab some coupons for The Container Store and add a little more style.  Then take your inspiration from the $100 guest room closet makeover from the blog, Monica Wants It:

We looked at several closet systems that had hundreds and hundreds of pieces and cost thousands of dollars. There’s no way that was happening, so we did a lot of research and ended up spending about $80 or so and creating our own semi-custom solution.

Read the full Monica Wants It post here. 


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