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Posted by on Mar 7, 2016 in Home & Garden, How To | 1 comment

How to Organize Your Garage

organize garage

Garage sale season is coming. If you want to improve your chances of selling off your crap to the highest bidding neighbor, you should start by cleaning and organizing your garage. I didn’t perform a scientific study, but people (me) are more likely to buy from your garage sale if your garage is neat and tidy. They (I) feel like the odds of what they are buying has been cared for better. So get organized so you can unload your collection of Beanie Babies on some other poor soul.

Start By Sorting

Depending on how high you’ve piled things in your garage, you may want to consider renting a small dumpster from your city or municipality. So you’ll have an easy place to put all of your items that can’t be sold or donated and the city will haul it away for you. I had the dumpster delivered to my driveway on a Friday, which gave me the whole weekend to get it together. Aside from trash, there are three other piles to make: sell, donate and keep.

  • Keep: Stack all of the stuff you can’t say goodbye to in one spot either at the very back of the garage or on a sidewall.
  • Sell: Anything you’d like to sell in a garage sale should be piled on the opposite wall away from the stuff you want to keep just to avoid confusion.
  • Donate: At this point, you can stack this stuff with your garage sale items. If no one wants to buy it, then it can be donated. Might as well try, right?

Go Vertical

One of the easiest ways to store more stuff in your garage and still have room for things like, I don’t know, a car maybe, is to store vertically. But typical storage tubs are a pain. You’ve got a row of 4 storage tubs each stacked 3 high and somewhere in there is the instruction manual to your Cricut which is going crazy. You’ll spend the next 3 hours of your life unstacking and digging through each tub just to remember that the manual was in your closet.

Stackable tubsSave yourself some time and sanity, and invest in Rubbermaid stackable tubs that have clear doors on the front. You’ll be able to quickly see what’s inside. If you want to take it up a notch, fill out a notecard with an inventory of the bin and tape it inside the door. BAM!

Mount Pegboard Use this tutorial from the DIY Network to mount pegboard on your garage wall. Then you can hang everything else on the wall and out of the way!

Avoid overhead storage – If you’ve really got a ton of stuff to keep, it can be tempting to have overhead storage installed in your garage. While it is a great alternative for those with lots of stuff and minimal space, it requires a lot more effort and money. Remember, you’ll be climbing a ladder and searching for stuff overhead every time you are looking for something. Not ideal.

Once you’ve got things sorted and hung, you can finish with sweeping and cleaning up. Rent a couple of tables and a rack for hanging clothes to setup your garage sale and get rid of the excess stuff. I promise, there are few things that give you that magical feeling like a clean, organized garage.

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  1. Great article and agree we keep too much “stuff” around that we really don’t need. Make sure you get the right sized dumpster for residential needs. Typically a 10-yard or 15-yard dumpster is perfect. If you have a lot of crap, go with a 20-yard!

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