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Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in How To, Restaurants | 0 comments

How to Order Wine Without Overpaying

order wine BTB

Do you ever get the feeling that the Most Interesting Man in the World drinks a lot of wine? After all, he flat out admits he doesn’t “often” drink beer in those Dos Equis commercials. And he sure doesn’t look like a teetotaler. 

Wouldn’t you love to ask him what wine he orders? Because unless you study wine, unless you order wine by the case or get carefully curated wine deliveries at home, you may have no clue what to order at a restaurant. Well stay thirsty, my friends, and learn how to order wine like a pro without breaking the bank. 

This article first appeared on the website Dumb Little Man.

We’ve all been there… You engage in a few minutes of small talk with the rest of the table. A couple of bread baskets later, it’s time to get this party started. The waiter looks straight at you….

and blurts out those much anticipated – yet – most frightening words:

“What wine would you like to order, sir?”

Read the 13 tips here. 

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