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Posted by on Nov 8, 2015 in Holiday, Shopping | 0 comments

Save Money on Holiday Shopping

holiday shopping wrap

Your heart says splurge but your budget says no. To avoid getting into debt over the holidays on gift-giving, take a good hard look at your budget. Vow to stick to it so you don’t start the new year off with a whopping credit card bill to pay off. 

Whether it’s your kids hankering for the latest toy from Santa or that office holiday gift exchange, there are clever ways to save money without looking like Scrooge. The easiest way is shopping from home on the Internet. It allows you to save time, compare prices and apply holiday coupon codes  instantly. says it’s perfectly acceptable to give time instead of gifts: 

Just because you opt out of giving gifts doesn’t mean you are a real Scrooge. It just means that you value time spent more than dollars paid.

See more of Daily Finance’s tips on frugal holiday shopping here.


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