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Posted by on Dec 30, 2015 in How To, Travel | 0 comments

How to Spend More Time With Family

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Although many of us are determined to spend more time with our families and achieve work life balance in the coming year, this is one of the most frequently broken New Year’s resolutions. But with small changes to your schedule, you can spend more time with family than you ever realized you wanted.

Eat Lunch at Your Desk Twice a Week

For your own sanity and productivity, it’s still best to get away from your desk even for just a few minutes most days. But twice a week, work through your lunch and leave an hour early. This gives you extra time for the playground, a trip to the library or just lounging at home with your family. Resist the urge to use this extra hour for running errands!

Pick One Weekend Day for Chores, One for Your Family

In my family, the weekends used to be a blur of sitting around on the couch until the last minute and then scrambling to clean, cook and get ready for the week. I’d had enough of wasted hours, so I decided to plan my weekend chores around activities we wanted to attend. For instance, if there’s a fair on Saturday, we go to that and do chores on Sunday. If there’s a birthday party on Sunday, we take care of business on Saturday. And once in awhile, we skip chores altogether and have family time fun the whole weekend. Your kids don’t care if the house is messy, but they will mind if they never get to spend time with you!

Take a Vacation or a Staycation

This one seems obvious, but many families skip vacations because they are too expensive. Rethink that one: a getaway doesn’t have to require draining your savings. Travel to see extended family or take a four-day staycation so you can finally hit all the museums in town. The main idea is to forget about responsibilities and spend your time with the family.

Use Skype and Facetime

Traveling for work makes it hard to spend real quality family time. For those of us who are on the road more regularly, we must learn and embrace the art of video chatting. Skype and Facetime are the two most popular options, but even Google and Facebook offer decent video chat these days. Schedule a time to talk to your kids while you’re in your hotel room at night. Even better, take your family on a walking tour of the city you’re in. This can all be tough with spotty Wi-Fi and no cell service. The trick to staying connected is a mobile hotspot. You can grab one at Best Buy for around $40-50.

Of all the New Year’s resolutions, spending more time with family is probably the most important. But with a few small changes and renewed commitment, you can make more memories in the coming year.

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