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Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 in How To, In The News | 0 comments

How to Stop Computer Hackers in Their Tracks

hackers BTB

You read the headlines about computer super-viruses and security breaches, but do you know how to protect your own devices? Your first line of protection should be a good antivirus software. And that protection need not be expensive; you can even find antivirus software coupons. The second step you should take is to be vigilant about your online behavior, as Money Crashers points out in a comprehensive article:

Once hackers gain access to your system, a number of frightening scenarios can take place. Using sophisticated and well-planned methods, they have been known to hold data hostage, engage in identity theft, and even use your computer to launch attacks on other networks. The best way to combat these cybercriminals is to understand how they carry out their attacks.

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