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Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Holiday, How To | 0 comments

How to Throw a Festive, Frugal New Year’s Party


What will you be toasting this New Year’s? Whether it’s good riddance to the old year or a time to savor memories, do it with friends. A cheap New Year’s Eve party is easier than you think! Here are some savings tips and coupon codes to help you plan a party on a budget.

Designate Helpers

People love to help, especially on a generous occasion like this. Don’t be shy! Assign someone to take photos, play deejay, serve drinks and keep your guest plied with food.

A Toast to Savings

New Year’s and Champagne are meant for each other. Just remember there’s no need to be extravagant. It’s the thought that counts. Save money by making a champagne punch with fruit juice. If you want to serve it straight up, think domestic. Buy by the case from an online wine seller or your local liquor store. You can always save the extras for next year. Also be sure to serve plenty of water, soda, coffee and tea to deter excess drinking.

Inexpensive Refreshments

Assign covered dishes or snacks to your guests, if they’re the potluck type. Schedule your party for the after-dinner hour and provide lower-cost snacks like platters of fresh veggies (cut them yourself) with dip, homemade sliders, and appetizers you can buy cheaply using Sam’s Club coupon codes (you don’t even have to be a member!). Or provide a  top-it-yourself pizza bar. Don’t be too stingy with food on this occasion, though, as people will be drinking.

Fun and Games

  • You’ll need to kill a few hours before the ball drops, so plan ahead with some inexpensive, fun games. If your guests aren’t well acquainted, change that!
  • Play an introduction game: have everyone write down an obscure fact about themselves, or a New Year’s wish, on a slip of paper. Put all slips in a bag, and have everyone draw one and guess who’s who.
  • Have everyone buy or make a crazy noisemaker and give a prize for the best one. Let everyone play them together at the stroke of midnight.
  • Take advantage of after-Christmas sales on board games like Charades and Pictionary to keep things lively.
  • Ask everyone to make a crazy hat or an unusual noisemaker. Turn it into a contest with a gag gift. Gather everyone for the midnight countdown and create a cacophony at 12 o’clock.

Set the Scene

Don’t spend a fortune on decorations meant to last just a few hours. Hit the Dollar Tree for silver and gold balloons and streamers, as well as silver tree ornaments and LED lights that should go on sale. Arrange them along the buffet table.

With some imagination and savings strategies, you’ll close the door on another year and set a festive stage for a new one.

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