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Posted by on Jun 11, 2019 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

International Picnic Day: 5 Ways to Enjoy

International Picnic Day, which falls on Tuesday, June 18, has been a popular event over the years by most of the outdoor enthusiasts. These picnics have been associated with a variety of food such as egg-salad sandwiches and teacakes. Some people also look for other activities, including walking or hiking, to spice up the day. International Picnic Day provides you with a chance to connect with nature while enjoying good foods, sunshine, and exercising. Let’s explore the 5 best ways to enjoy International Picnic Day.

Picnic Location

To have a successful International Picnic Day, you should start with a good plan. It’s ideal to consider how many people will be joining you for the picnic. Once you have determined a figure, it will help you come up with a proper budget and the location of the event. You should consider if there are children or older people participating because this will determine the location of the event. If it’s a school picnic or a corporate event, then there are several other things you need to focus on.

You’ll need to send invitation messages to families, friends, and students before coming up with the number of attendees. After deciding the size of people attending the event, consider the locations for the picnic. It’s a good idea to select 2 to 3 options and discuss the suitability of the places with family or friends. The choice of your location will depend on the activities that will be carried out on the day.

For example, you can choose a local theme park if you are taking out children or you can take a look at several picnic areas that are available in the US. The location should be close to your area because this will save you gas money and other travel expenses. But if you’re planning to travel outside your local area, consider taking public transport to the picnic location.

Arrange the Perfect Equipment

Equipment that you are going to use on the picnic day is another essential that has to be planned meticulously. There is no rule book on what you should take with you while on a picnic but there are some things which come in handy. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Cooler for storing drinking water and other drinks
  • Rucksack or picnic basket (make sure picnic basket has a cooler section and wheels)
  • Disposable utensils and plates
  • Dustbin bags, napkins, and wipes.

The list above is only suitable if you intend to have your International Picnic Day event at a local park, camping site or mountain hiking site. It’s always advisable to be well-prepared when going out for a picnic, so you may even carry more items.

Consider bringing a torch lighter, a barbecue and a first aid box for treating injuries. Other places such as a theme park offer all the food and accessories, making it not necessary to carry these. Instead opt for light snacks only, especially if you are going with kids.

Pack the Right Foods     

Nowadays, there is a trend for people to plan the food and drinks accordingly depending on the picnic activities. Food is the main component of the International Picnic Day. You can’t go wrong with foods that are easy to carry and won’t go bad along the way.

The idea is to plan a great BBQ that is appetizing and enjoyable for everyone. The recommended food should include some fruits because they don’t spoil easily. The fruits and vegetables should be cleaned before eating them to avoid foodborne bacteria. Other foods may include snacks, sweets and salad, which are easy to carry with you and are filling as well.

However, if you are going to be a large group, split the load so that each one has something to take along. It’s always a great idea to carry adequate clean and safe drinking water if you are going to a picnic at a camping site or mountain hiking site. If the location has a shop where you can purchase soft drinks or fruit juices, don’t take these with you as they will just be an additional load.

Entertainment and Recreation  

On International Picnic Day, it should not only be about having delicious food and snacks. This is the day when family and friends should come together and have fun. Activities and outdoor games are what will make this day so special for everyone. The best part is that events such as a family picnic are the ideal times to foster family bonds and promote family interaction.

Look for a picnic location that has a large, open space and plan games of skill that people of all ages can play. Kids can easily get bored, resulting in cutting short the picnic. Therefore, you must prepare games that will keep everyone busy. This will keep the young ones out of trouble while they’re having fun. You can take a music player and play your favorite summer playlist to keep everyone entertained.

Other games you should consider include card games, kites and badminton. Safety should always be a priority when you are taking children and elderly along with you. It’s recommended that emergency medicines such as antiseptic cream, bandages and balm are stored in the first aid kit.


Eating outdoors can have some consequences on the environment. To ensure that mother nature is not disturbed and you are within budget, follow these tips:

  • Pack the picnic food in reusable containers. This can be achieved by avoiding purchasing single-serve plastic food containers. Instead, prepare your food and place it in containers which you will use again after the picnic.
  • Make sure that the electronics, radios, laptops, and cellphones are switched off. This is the time to enjoy nature with family and friends. The huge benefit for doing this is that you will reduce stress and noise, and you will also have some energy saved from the devices which can be used after the picnic.
  • It’s important to recycle what you use at the picnic. You can easily do this by carrying everything that you have used to a recycling drop-off site. It might take some effort, but it’s worth it because it ensures that the environment is left behind safely for another use by you or someone else on the next International Picnic Day.

Certified picnic locations have trash cans that are categorized as recyclables and non-recyclables, and organic and non-organic.

So, you should clean the picnic area and dispose of the waste in a manner which is going to be environmentally friendly. However, if your picnic area doesn’t have these trash cans, you can carry them along and throw them away where you can find the trashcans.

Regardless of whether your International Picnic Day is a family or a group event, you must aim to have fun. Having time outdoors on a picnic and participating in various activities can create lasting memories. This might be a one-time yearly event, but you may end up appreciating it so much that you start going on picnics regularly.

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