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Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Home & Garden, Seasonal & Events | 6 comments

Keeping Spring Cleaning Simple

Spring Cleaning is just around the corner and it can be the time of year that many people dread. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can still get a sparkling, clean house without all the stress. Here are some easy ways to do it, plus some DIY household cleaners.


1. Make a list of all the projects you need to tackle. You could make a list for each room or a master list for the entire house. Make sure to keep a pen or pencil near your list so you can cross off each item as you go. Nothing makes a job feel more accomplished than being able to cross it off your list!

2. Work on the hardest projects first. Don’t leave the worst projects for last otherwise they will probably never get done, tackle them first and then the rest of your list will be a breeze.

3. Make sure you have all your cleaning supplies on hand before you get started. Once you make your list of what needs to get done you should also be able to make a list of the cleaning supplies you will need to get the jobs done. Head to the store and pick up all these supplies in one trip to save yourself time and from having to make future trips to the store.

4. Take breaks or give yourself rewards for getting to certain parts of your list. Finished cleaning the kid’s bedroom? Reward yourself with a chocolate bar. Done with the bathroom? How about a bubble bath in that nice clean tub?

Need to save money on your spring cleaning? Here are some quick, frugal cleaning supplies you can put together from what you already have in your cupboards.


  • Mayonnaise will shine up any real wood surface. Just wipe on, then wipe off with a damp rag, and wipe dry with another rag.
  • Vinegar should be able to clean most surfaces in your home. In a spray bottle mix 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar to make a simple cleaning solution. Use this in bathrooms, on countertops, and more.
  • Baking Soda is your stain fighter. For carpet stains, sprinkle a bit of baking soda over the carpet followed by  some sprays of the vinegar solution above, scrub until the stain comes out. This can also work on furniture.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful if you approach it with a plan and don’t forget to thank yourself for the great job you are doing!

Guest blogger Merissa Alink is a DealPro and founder of Little House Living, a website helping others learn how to make the most with what they have.


  1. Wow, Mayonnaise? Who would have thought! We’re a window cleaning company based out of Utah, and after a hard winter, we always recommend a good spring cleaning!
    These are some great tips & tricks and I can’t wait to try the Mayo!
    Thanks for this article & happy cleaning!

  2. Great article. I have used baking soda on a number of stains and it really does work. I have even used it to remove rust marks on windows and metal surfaces.

  3. Spring cleaning, that is a very important thing. The steps for spring cleaning should be kept very simple. The tips were quite useful for us to know about and surely people will love to see more. I would like to see more good posts regarding this in future.
    Home cleaners

  4. What a great post! NEVER had I thought to use MAYO for wood surfaces but I have been looking for alternatives since wood cleaner creates such a build up! I do use vinegar and baking soda but mayo is a new one!

    Thanks for the advice!

  5. I definitely agree when you mentioned in the article about working on the hardest parts first. Sometimes its more mentally motivating to get that done so you only have the easy stuff ahead of you.

  6. Yes, we’re also here to help! All those hard-to-reach places like skylights and upper Exterior windows. Get on board! Like so many Kitsap residentents and businesses, they choose Ridgetop Window Cleaning!

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