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Posted by on Jun 7, 2016 in Home & Garden | 0 comments

Kid-Friendly Home Renovations to Fit Your Budget


Home renovations –  the actual process, anyway –  are not exactly kid-friendly, simply because little ones get in the way. And kids generally don’t like their surroundings changed. The solution is one you might not have thought of: including them in the planning. It will help them feel in control of the situation, and it offers a family bonding experience. If you can work in a lesson on saving money, all the better.

Some ways to involve children in home renovations include teaching them to organize and declutter before the work starts, showing them how to raise money for house renovations, and allowing them to choose colors or certain furnishings.

This post first appeared on the blog, Whatever Dee Dee Wants.

When it comes to home renovating, saving money, and children, most people simply hire a babysitter while they work on a DIY project. There are fun ways to ditch the babysitter and save money by including your children as little home helpers.

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