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Posted by on Sep 27, 2017 in Halloween, How To | 0 comments

Make Halloween Costumes Scary Again – Even at the Last Minute

Enjoying Halloween and looking your absolute creepiest doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor. Skip the mass produced rubber masks – they’re hot, they smell bad and honestly they usually look sub-par. For a fraction of the price and with the right Halloween makeup tutorials, you can have the costume of your dreams and other peoples’ nightmares.

halloween costumes scary


Finding Inexpensive Special Effects Products


Before you begin creating a perfect, custom Halloween costume you will need a few supplies. It is best to look around online for great coupons at party stores like, as there are often discounts during the Halloween season.

  • Makeup Application Sponges & Brushes
  • Oil Based Face Paint
  • Gel-Based Fake Blood
  • Latex
  • Cotton Balls
  • Q-Tips

Next, find the perfect video tutorial for your look. Some folks like their costumes covered in details head to toe – and that’s awesome! But people tend to focus their attention on one or two facets of your costume – so choosing one or two main features to really focus on tends to produce the most dazzling results.

Take this video for example:

Using a bit of makeup, some store bought latex and Q-tips, you can end up with an incredible effect without breaking the bank. Focusing on one horrifically devious piece of special effects allows you to effectively pair your feature with any type of clothing you want to suit the occasion. This allows you to dress fancily or go casual depending on the sort of party you plan on attending on All Hallow’s Eve – and be scary.

Once you have the general idea of what sort of horrors you would like to emulate and have a tutorial handy to follow along with – break the video down into its component lessons. Example: This video includes painting, makeup and latex application. Those three separate skills have their own best practice and how-to videos. If you plan in advance, you can begin to master the individual application steps before jumping into your final project – or at least become proficient.

Affordable Scare Props and DIY Spooky Prosthetics


There are many ways to produce gnarly effects with household items. Items that people identify closely with can produce extra-jarring reactions, without being unnecessarily gruesome. Take, for instance, this video to create a half-faced teddy bear costume.


The amount of actual blood and gore used to create this effect is minimal – but the results are more unsettling because of our relationship with teddy bears. Much like the Q-tip project, it is possible to find a teddy bear at a local thrift shop or discounted clearance section in kids toys for little money. This will allow you to have a few attempts ahead of time to practice your technique.

Will You Need to Use Your Mouth?


Another thing to keep in mind when designing your overall look is how much you plan on using your mouth. If you are introverted, having a homemade SPFX prosthetic covering your mouth may add a lot of value to your overall look. Having a good excuse to avoid lengthy conversations could be worth its weight in gold for the right person. But if you plan on talking a lot, eating, or having a drink or two (or three) – make sure that you can open your mouth without disrupting your costume. Latex, spirit gum and other such adhesives tend to weaken when exposed to liquid and moving their base will ensure costume failure early in the night.

How About Those Eyes?


One of the most important parts of the human body is the eyes. Costumes that alter eyes in some form tend to really stand out. Novelty contacts are an option, but unless they are ordered custom for your particular eye shape and size, they can be excessively uncomfortable. The goal of this tutorial is to ensure that you don’t have to suffer for your art!

Instead, there are ways to make your eyes do interesting things like bleed. Before you put anything in your eyes, ensure that the company you choose has been in business for a long time and that many others have properly tested the products.

Final Considerations for the Best DIY Halloween Costume


Before applying any makeup, be sure to test it on a portion of your wrist of arm. Allergic reactions are no fun (and can be dangerous!), and the makeup that we use for these effects can be heavy duty – it is made to stay.

Last – make sure to dress for your climate. Wearing a full three-piece suit with top hat and tie adds a lot of panache to a vampire costume or a matador simulacrum. But if you’re in Florida with 70% humidity, you’re going to suffer! Likewise, if you live in the north, picking the perfect outerwear can significantly add or detract from your overall goal of looking your creepiest. If things don’t pan out with your DIY getup, there are plenty of other options for adult Halloween costumes that are affordable with Spirit Halloween coupons.

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