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Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in How To | 0 comments

DIY Crafts Meet Modern Trends

DIY crafts - BTB

When you think of DIY crafts, you probably picture something that’s overly complicated (i.e., you need a schematic drawing) or an overly simplistic project that screams “homemade.” Before you head to your favorite crafts store, take a look at how trend-conscious crafters are reinventing the concept of DIY decor, in the home and for their weddings. These projects might involve home 3D printers, collages, painting and origami, to name a few.

The idea is not only to save money but to create custom projects, guest favors, and custom decorations – things you just can’t buy in stores. The website gives us 9 examples for weddings that can be adapted to everyday decor:

For those of you that think that all DIY revolves around cheesy crafts and bargain shopping, think again. Modern DIY is full of vibrant style and creative options!

Read on for more inspiration.


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