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Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Grocery, How To | 0 comments

Best Food Hacks of 2015

food trends BTB

Twenty-fifteen has been a year for food innovation. Spiralizers, high-end food processors and other kitchen appliances jockeyed for counter space. The Instant Pot – part pressure cooker, part slow-cooker, all stove top magic – became a wildly popular fixture in kitchens. In fact, people are naming their pots and buying multiples.

Food delivery services like Peapod and Blue Apron helped people who like to cook but hate to shop. Slow cooker-to-freezer cooking helped out budget-minded busy moms everywhere, and healthy whole foods dominated the taste-scape, according to Lifehacker

Cooking tips aren’t just for foodies. We all eat every day (unless you’re a robot), and better cooking means healthier food, more delicious meals, and possibly even saving some cash. Here were our best food hacks and tips from 2015.

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