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Posted by on Mar 27, 2017 in Mother's Day | 0 comments

Mother’s Day Flower Buying Guide

mothers day flower guide

It’s that time of year to say thanks to our moms for their sacrifice, unconditional love and their unwavering support throughout the years. When there are no words to express how thankful you are, there are always flowers. They can tell a story on their own and in an instant brighten her day and heart.

Flowers have their own symbolic meaning and so do their colors. Use this helpful floral arrangement buying guide on the meaning behind the best Mother’s Day flowers and where to buy amazing arrangements!

We also have you covered for savings with coupons to local florists that can hand deliver bouquets and Mother’s Day gifts.

mothers day flower guide rose


When words cannot express how you feel, let roses do the talking. Roses have long been associated with love – all expressions of it too. While red roses are symbolic of passion and romantic love, pink roses denote love, gratitude and appreciation. Yellow roses represent lasting friendships, joy, happiness and well-being. Pink and yellow roses make a great combination for Mother’s Day, especially if you consider your mom your best friend. has a bright collection of spring bouquets with pink and yellow roses including the Thoughts of You bouquet for under $55. Use this Valpak coupon code for an additional discount.

mothers day flower guide carnation


The history of carnations’ symbolic meaning date back to biblical times and are also referenced in Greek mythology. When it comes to expressing love and gratitude on a budget they are a great selection. Choose pink carnations to show gratitude or light red for admiration. For $36, you can surprise your mom with FTD’s The Sweet Surprises Bouquet that has dark and light pink mini carnations with white daisies and pink roses.  This Valpak coupon will get you an extra 10% off.

mothers day flower guide tulip


Tulips are the flowers of spring representing a period of renewal and love. The most common meaning for tulip flowers is they symbolize the perfect love. The best tulip colors for Mother’s Day are pink tulips because they represent happiness and confidence; purple tulips because they signify royalty; and yellow tulips because they embody happiness and cheerfulness. Pro-Flowers has a beautiful bouquet of multi-colored tulips from $19.995 to $39.97. Save 20% with our Pro Flowers coupon.

mothers day flower guide orchid


These flowers represent love, beauty, thoughtfulness and enchantment. Unlike other red flowers that symbolize love and passion, red orchids represent strength and courage. Yellow orchids correspond to friendships and new beginnings while purple orchids denote royalty and admiration. Pink is about beauty and femininity and white is purity and grace. With so many great characteristics and colors, there is no going wrong with an orchid of any one of these colors.

mothers day flower guide lily


Lilies are a beautiful selection for a Mother’s Day bouquet because they are the flower of May and represent motherhood. There are many varieties of lilies but generally speaking they represent royalty, passion, renewal and beauty. Choosing lilies will embody all the characteristics of a great mother and a feminine powerhouse. Just Flowers has a $10 off coupon you can use for a beautiful arrangement of pink lilies for under $40.

While you’re working on making your mom happy, we found some additional coupons to save you money and make you a little happier when ordering her the perfect bouquet. Checkout Pro-Flowers’ offers of up to 20% off flowers and same-day delivery options and these coupons for 1-800 Flowers for savings of up to 40% on selected flowers and gifts.

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