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Posted by on May 8, 2018 in Back To School, Guest Posts | 0 comments

National Teacher’s Day: How to Show Your Appreciation

Teacher appreciation gifts ideas

Not only do teachers educate us academically, but they also educate us on life. Starting in kindergarten to the final days of high school, teachers mentor countless students on the path to success. And all of their hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Whether you’re still a student or an appreciative parent, try out one of these creative ideas to show the teachers in your life your sincere gratitude for all that they do.

Presents to Celebrate Him or Her

Because teachers are so hardworking, give a present that will make them feel valued for their efforts. Find out your teacher’s favorite flower and have a bouquet delivered straight to her desk to add a cheery start to her day. offers several deals on arrangements that can always be lowered with a coupon code at checkout. But if flowers aren’t quite his thing, pick up a gift card that can be redeemed at his favorite restaurant, a night out at the movies, or a much-needed massage.

If you need a low-cost way to celebrate, you can never go wrong with a DIY teacher gift. Collaborate with the class to make a personalized card that includes thoughtful notes and memories about the school year. Or coordinate with parents to have students come in early and decorate the classroom with colorful balloons, a homemade banner, and sweet messages on the board. Just don’t forget to look for coupons like these before checking out with a cartful of craft supplies at Michaels.

Organize Thoughtful Games & Activities

Show your appreciation on by making special memories together that your teacher won’t soon forget. Ask students prepare little speeches about what they like most their teacher and have them share it in a circle during class. You can also help your teacher unwind by playing silly games like charades, musical chairs, or heads up.

Another relaxing idea is to surprise him or her with a picnic lunch spread inside the classroom or outside on the school grounds. The menu can be handled potluck-style with the help of parents. And, along with the help of promo codes, you can save at your local grocery store or on restaurant catering to ensure your little luncheon doesn’t get too costly.

Help Out Around the Classroom

Being a teacher is no easy task, so lend a helping hand to your favorite teacher to give them a chance to relax. First thing in the morning, bring in a gourmet coffee or pastries from a local bakery. If you’re a parent, volunteer to assist in your kid’s classroom or for another teacher at the school. If you’re student, get your classmates together to tidy up desks and messy spots in the room. Another surefire way to make an impact is to simply ask the teachers in your life if they could use help on any tasks or projects — even if it means staying after school to lend a hand.

Teachers quickly run through their resources, so they always appreciate generous donations on school supplies. Affordably shop at Staples for much-needed classroom items like pencils, paper, folders, and tissue boxes. But remember that teachers could probably use extra supplies for themselves, too. Pick up a few fancy office accessories or personalized stationery so your favorite teacher can be well prepared the next time he or she needs to write a note.

Give a Social Media Shout-Out

National Teacher’s Day was created to raise awareness for the work and impact teachers have on the many lives they touch. One of the simplest ways you can spread awareness yourself is to share your appreciation on your personal social media. Hop on the #ThankATeacher campaign created by the The National Teacher Association and use the hashtag in a post. Consider writing a kind message about a teacher that means a lot to you, or sharing a #TBT photo collage filled with memories at school on your favorite platform.

Keep in mind that the national holiday falls right in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week. The National PTA website has several ideas on how to commemorate the very important week, which runs from May 7 – 11 this year. So if you don’t get a chance to post on the big day, you still have plenty of time to give your support.

Just Make Sure Your Child Shows Appreciation, Too

It’s no understatement that teachers play a significant role in the world. They educate us throughout childhood and into our late teens, teaching both academics and major life lessons to countless students. However, their hard work can easily go unrecognized — and often by kids still in the classroom. So take advantage of this National Teacher’s Day to teach your child how they can say thanks with one of these fun and thoughtful ideas.

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