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Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Home & Garden, How To | 0 comments

What You Need to Know to Sell Your Home Faster

sell your home faster tips

You’ve just put your home on the market and are already counting down the days until it sells. While the process may feel long, exciting and stressful all at once, you do have the power to reduce the time it takes to sell your home. The best part: Anyone can use these simple tricks to sell quickly, whether you’re doing it alone or with a realtor.

From staging to data, get your home off the market, and out of your hands, with the following ideas.

Don’t Underestimate Staging

No one wants to imagine themselves in a messy, cluttered home—especially if that’s the opposite of their personality. That’s where staging comes into play, which is the process of setting up your home to look more like a Pottery Barn catalog than the home you’ve lived in all these years. Why would you want to do that? The psychology is very straight-forward:

“When you have a buyer coming into your home, you want their first impression to be positive so they can be emotionally attached to the home and they can imagine themselves there … If you have all your personal photos all over the house (you’ve got your kids artwork on the refrigerator and the family photos over the fireplace), it’s hard for them to see their family there; it’s distracting, ”explains Secrets of Staging: Sell Your House for More, Quickly.

If you aren’t hiring a professional stager, you’ll have to do the work yourself. Keep these tips in mind when staging your home:

  • Remove all family photos, children’s artwork, and personal touches.
  • Remove extra pieces of furniture to highlight the size of the room.
  • Create a neutral and inviting theme, even if it means you have to buy a few new couch pillows, candles, etc.
  • Hire a professional cleaner to come through before you do any showings or take listing photos.

This may seem like a lot of work, but Paul Moore, of Smith Mountain Homes, confirms that staging can have a significant impact on selling not just faster, but for more money too: “We have been able to raise the price on our homes up to 25% or even more just from having beautiful staging and design touches.”

Appeal to Their Financial Sense

For some people, emotion isn’t the best play. Rather numbers and data is what they need to make a decision. One of the best numbers to share with potential home buyers is the appreciation of the home: “Show buyers how much they can make in the long run. Calculate how much your property will appreciate with this home value appreciation tool, and give buyers proof that their investment in your place will make them money,” according to Use Data to Sell Your House Faster. 

Other financial details to mention (when applicable):

  • If the house has space for a rental property, play up the second source of income angle.
  • If you’ve invested in green energy appliances, and are selling them with the home, remind buyers of the significant cost saving they’ll enjoy. The same goes if you’ve recently updated your windows or insulation, both of which reduce the amount of heat and cool air lost.
  • Cost of living in the area, especially if interested buyers are from a different state. You can even share this awesome tool with them: CNN Cost of Living Calculator.

Paint the Picture

Use your listing to help potential buyers imagine what life will be like in your home. To do that, pull a number of data points and then turn them into an enticing story. The data you want to collect first includes:

  • Walk score: Only include this if you have a walk score of 70 or higher, which shows potential buyers that this home is accessible to a number of restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, shopping centers and more. Get the info:
  • Weather trends: What does a spring morning feel like where you live? Help your potential buyers feel the morning air and sunshine from afar. Get the info: U.S. Climate Data.
  • Soundscore: If your neighborhood or town is known for being restful and quiet, use that to your advantage by including the Soundscore in your listing. Get the info:

With all this data, one paragraph in your listing might read something like:

Come spring, you’ll enjoy quiet mornings on the back porch as heavy morning dew slowly dries in the first few rays of sun. Thanks to our mild spring weather, you can start most mornings with long walk, run, or relaxing cup of coffee outside.

Ultimately, the secret to selling your home faster isn’t very complicated. When you present your home in its best light, allow potential buyers to truly imagine themselves living there, and appeal to their data and financial sense, you’re more likely to sell quickly and easily.

Jessica Thiefels is a lifestyle blogger who has been writing for more than 10 years. She’s written for Reader’s Digest, AARP, Lifehack and more. Follow her on Twitter @Jlsander07 for money-saving ideas, health tips and more.

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