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Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Health & Beauty | 0 comments

New Ways to Sanitize Your Tech Gadgets

tech gadgets

Hate looking at the dust and – whatever it is – on your PC keyboard? Barely able to see through the smudges on your kid’s phone screen? Yeah, your tech gadgets are dirtier than you think. Maybe worse.

A University of Arizona microbiologist tested cell phone screens and found they contained 10 times more surface bacteria than toilet seats. Eeew. The problem is sharing your tech gadgets and, ahem, not washing your hands.

You can buy generic wipes at a place like Office Depot, or you can take a look at the next generation of accessories and tools to clean tech gadgets.   

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Do you ever wonder about all the surfaces you’ve placed your phone on? Sure, you might dump it on your desk, but it’s not necessarily clean and germ-free. The same goes for all your tech gadgets like tablets, earphones, and even TV screens. Check out our favorite products that will help wipe the grime away and give your accessories a clean feeling that you’ll treasure all the time.

See the slideshow here.

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