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Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in How To | 0 comments

Not Your Usual Baby Shower Ideas

different baby shower BTB

I have a dear friend who is expecting her first child soon. She hates the idea of a baby shower. HATES them. But when you’re expecting the first baby, it’s hard to say no to all of the gifts people want to give you that will save you SO much money. So my other friend, bless her heart, has been tasked with throwing a baby shower that the mommy won’t have to fake delight at.

Here are some tips I gave her to make it through this trying time:

Non-cutesy Baby Shower Themes

A lot of ladies who aren’t in love with baby showers also aren’t crazy about pink frills and blue choo choo trains. Your party doesn’t have to be all about baby. Find a theme that speaks to the mama. Whether it’s a movie, a color scheme, or a food/drink, themes are easy to come by. Our friend is a big fan of Harry Potter, so we considered ideas from this blog to fill her special party with teeny Harrys and Hermiones.

Some people are simply going with party themes rather than showers. BBQs, luaus, and decade themed parties are all popular ways to get together and celebrate without overwhelming the mommy-to-be.

Extra Casual Tip: Want something that helps her reminisce about the good ol’ days? Try a pajama party with close friends and family watching Sex and the City or Grey’s Anatomy with junk food and gifts.

Booze or Not to Booze

This is a question that only one person should answer: the guest of honor. While some moms are totally fine with their guests having a mimosa or even cocktails, some moms feel a bit left out and would prefer to keep a lock on the liquor cabinet. Ask her and respect her wishes. If she’s fine with her guests having drinks, check out some of these amazing cocktails and mocktails.

Extra Casual Tip: If mama isn’t in the mood for the party to go on without her, have guests bring a bottle of wine for her to enjoy after baby arrives.

Circle of Presents

Opening gifts at a baby shower is almost unendurable. Guests are excited to see their own present and enjoy seeing a cute outfit or two. But it’s hard to gasp with excitement at 45 onesies. A growing trend in baby showers is the gift circle. All of your guests sit in a circle with a gift that’s not from them. They take turns opening the present so everyone can see and then pass it around. This takes the focus of shy or exhausted moms who don’t want to spend the next hour unwrapping things.

Extra Casual Tip: If your guest of honor would prefer to open all of the gifts, you can also take a one on one approach. While other guests are crafting or eating, you can have each guest come over and sit with mommy-to-be while she opens their gift.

Not Games, Crafts

Baby shower games are atrocious. Guess the baby food? Mimicking dirty diapers with mini candy bars. Don’t say baby or you’ll get your safety pins taken away! Skip wrapping tissue paper around the guest of honor to guess how big she’s gotten. No more humiliation. Try crafts that will help her in the long run like designing one of a kind onesies with craft paint and stencils.

Extra Casual Tip: Print out fun sayings and ideas to help guests get started on their onesies.

Baby showers don’t have to be boring tea cakes, punch and games your grandma would love. Bring your shower into the 21st century and win with even the hardest to please ladies!

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