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Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in Home & Garden, Seasonal & Events | 1 comment

Omaha Steaks Grilling Guide

T-Bone Grill Valpak

So, you want to call yourself a “Grill Master?” Omaha Steaks can help. Properly cooking steaks, seafood, chicken, burgers and more on the grill is relatively easy and so, so satisfying.

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Here are the grilling basics:

This is a simple one: if you don’t start with high-quality ingredients, the grill isn’t going to make them any better. When shopping for steaks for a cookout, you want high-quality All-American grain-fed beef that’s been properly aged. You won’t get that at the grocery store, but every steak from Omaha Steaks is hand selected, hand carved, and aged for at least 21 days for maximum flavor.

Ribeye: The Ribeye is prized for its incredible juiciness, created by a high degree of marbling in the beef. It’s a popular choice for grilling, usually weighing in between 8 oz. (boneless) and 18 oz. (bone-in).

Top Sirloin: Top Sirloin is naturally lean and full of strong beef flavor. True Top Sirloin is usually cut in a thick square or rectangular steak weighing from 4 oz. to 8 oz.

Filet Mignon: The Filet is the steak that made Omaha Steaks famous. Cut from the heart of the tenderloin, it’s buttery tender and mild in flavor. Filet Mignon is usually cut fairly small, from 4 oz. to 8 oz.

New York Strip: These are often called the “ultimate grilling steak,” because the New York Strip is firm and high in bold flavor. This makes them perfect for the high heat of an outdoor grill and a difficult one to do wrong.

T-Bone: T-Bone is the big daddy of Omaha Steaks core cuts. Every T-Bone is really a bone-in combination of two other steaks – a New York Strip and a Filet Mignon, each of one side of the T-shaped bone.

tb017 tbone 24oz

Gas Grills
Propane people, use your multiple-burner facilities to your advantage. Preheat your grill so everything is good and hot, and then follow this easy guide:

  • Starting from the right or left, leave one or two burners on HIGH.
  • Set the middle burner or burners to MEDIUM.
  • Leave the other side on LOW.

This way, you have a place to sear and grill steaks and other high-heat items, a medium zone in the middle for chicken and fish, and a low-heat area for longer-cooking items like bratwurst.

Charcoal Grills
Ever heard of a three-zone fire? That’s what you need. Use a chimney or a starter to light a big pile of red-hot coals. Push more than half of them to the right or left 1/3 of your grill. Leave a shallower pile in the middle 1/3 and leave the opposite 1/3 empty. Now you have high heat, medium and indirect heat areas on your grates, ready for a variety of grillables.

Cooking Times
Since we’ve assumed you’re grilling steaks, we’ll assume you’re filling out the menu with additional options. To cook multiple items with different heat and time requirements on the grill, you’ll need a schedule! Most popular grilling foods have fairly easy cooking guidelines. Basically, you’ll put the longer-cooking foods on first, on your low- and medium-heat areas. As those foods cook, you’ll add faster items like steaks and finish everything at just about the same time.

These guidelines are general. See our detailed Steak Cooking Chart and Seafood Cooking Chart for complete cooking times on our signature cuts.

New York Strip Cut Valpak

• 3 – 7 minutes per side, depending on thickness and desired doneness
• HIGH heat

Chicken Breasts
• 10 – 12 minutes, depending on thickness
• MEDIUM heat

• 8 – 10 minutes total

Fish Fillets
• 4 – 5 minutes total
• MEDIUM heat

Bratwurst & Sausage (fresh)
• 20 – 25 minutes
• LOW heat

• Slice thick, coat with olive oil and seasoning
• 8 – 10 minutes
• MEDIUM heat

Steak Time App
Of course, if you want to do things the easy way, try Omaha Steaks fantastic grilling app, Steak Time. Our all-in-one tool is a grillmaster’s best friend.

This post was sponsored by Omaha Steaks

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