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Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Home & Garden, How To | 10 comments

Organizing with a rePurpose

This spring when you start to think about getting your home organized, try to think outside of the recycle bin and repurpose some of those items. Think green by keeping them out of the landfill! And save green by not having to buy new containers. Here are a couple items to get you started on your repurposed organization.

Jars – This is my favorite thing to repurpose. There are so many ways to repurpose an old jar. Whether as a vase, a pantry food storage container, to hold shop items, or for pens and pencils; there is no reason to throw away that jar! And think of all the money you save on not buying new containers!


Wipes Boxes – Again another item with so many uses. Empty wipes containers are especially perfect for crayons/markers and toy storage. But how about grocery sacks? I have a nifty little trick to keep grocery bags tidy by creating a chain to pull them out one by one from the top of the wipes box. Now they are organized and ready when you need one.

Food Product Bags – Buying Ziploc baggies can get expensive. So why not reuse the bags in which food comes in the first place. That empty bread bag would be perfect (and free) to bring your sandwich to work. The empty shredded cheese bag has a great zip closure, so store the bar cheese in it. Get the picture (and see the savings!)

Pringles Cans – This is yet another great one for storing things like crafting supplies. Or decorate the outside and keep little girls hairbows and clips inside. But my favorite  use for this item is as a boot shaper. Are your boots getting out of shape and out of control on the bottom of your closet? Skip buying the commercial boot shaper and use the Pringles cans instead!


These are just a few items that you can repurpose to help get your home organized this spring. And as you begin to think outside the box, you will start to see so many more ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and REPURPOSE!

Guest blogger Mary Hoover is a DealPro and founder of, a website teaching others how to save more so they can do more living and give more freely. 


  1. I am obsessed with the Pringles in the boots! I need to use this as I put away my boots for the summer.

  2. I never saw what I needed which is paper! I need to know how long do you keep items like insurance policies?

    • Experts say you should keep expired insurance policies for around 4 years.

  3. I love to use my coffee containers for my grandkids crayons, and magic markers. I also use my toilet paper rolls to put my hair bows around to keep up with them all. Lol Yes I’m cheap.

  4. I would never reuse my bread bag. I used to reuse them for my homemade bread until my Dr no more. Same with zip bags.

  5. I would have never thought of the Pringles can! NEAT 🙂

  6. I love these ideas. Wipes container to dispense plastic grocery bags!? Genius! Why didn’t I think of that? Store-bought containers are over priced too. Sure that adorable Rubbermaid would be perfect for your extra paperclips but it is six bucks! REUSE! My favorite is the vase with the tulips. Adorable.

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