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Posted by on Sep 22, 2017 in Halloween | 0 comments

Pop Culture’s Top Couples Halloween Costumes for 2017

Couples Halloween Costumes for 2017

Some couples do it with matching shirts, some do it by leaving disagreements at home, some do it by sharing meals in public, some do it by sharing social media profiles and some do all of the aforementioned. Each day offers new opportunities to mold your perception as a pair, but few occasions are as pivotal as parties – especially Halloween parties. Depending on how you and your significant other choose to dress for Halloween, both friends and strangers can learn a lot about your partnership and the pieces of personality that make it tick.

So what couples costumes are best for you and your partner?

Here are a few of the top options for Halloween 2017.


The Confident Couple

Couples Halloween Costumes for 2017

Image Courtesy of Costume Express

Pilot & Flight Attendant: “We’re handsome, we’re sexy and we’re in control of where we’re heading.” That’s what this couples’ costume says calmly over the PA system. Fueled by trust and confidence, everyone expects this couple to spend their lives journeying wherever they want to go – together.

With a few adjustments to a second pilot’s costume, it isn’t difficult to rework this into a pilot-copilot dynamic with either partner taking the lead. Anyhow, shop with confidence, knowing you can save 15-20% with a Costume Express coupon.

Want more? Other confident couple costume ideas include a set of sexy firefighters, a cop couple and sailors.

The Egalitarians

Couples Halloween Costumes for 2017

Image Courtesy of Halloween Express

Ghostbusters: The cooking isn’t left to one partner – well, unless the other partner is a horrible cook! The egalitarians defy traditional relationship roles, splitting work as evenly and effectively as possible. Few costumes speak to the nature of this type of relationship more than Ghostbusters, especially with the reboot featuring an all-female squad.

You can find any of the aforementioned costumes and save big on your purchases, using Halloween Express printable coupons – shave dollars and cents off your order, and free shipping too.

Want more? Other interesting ideas for this couple include Power Rangers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Stormtroopers and Hippies.

The Odd Couple

Couples Halloween Costumes for 2017

Image Courtesy Of Official Costumes

Alice & Mad Hatter: They’re very different from each other, or everyone else in the room. This couple is odd, and they’ve embraced that wholeheartedly. This couple can make Alice and the Mad Hatter as conventional or as deranged as they please – and look great doing it either way. You can find both of these costumes, variations and related characters at Official Costumes’ online store. And you can get free shipping and other savings, using these promo codes for Official Costumes.

Other ideas? More costumes for this couple include Darth Vader & Princess Leia, Chucky & Bride and Cops & Robbers or Prisoners.

The Romantics

Couples Halloween Costumes for 2017

Image Courtesy Of Costume Discounters

Disney Princes & Princesses: At some point during the night, they’re going to engage in a bit of PDA or at least share a few stories that make each other blush. They’re happy, and life for them plays out like a story book – one that has likely had a chapter or two in Disney World, Paris or at least Virginia Beach. Save up to 25% on your storybook costumes by using these Costume Discounters coupons.

Not all hopeless romantics lead storybook lives. So here are a few more costumes for this couple to consider: Popeye & Olive Oyl, the Addams, Mario & Peach, and Zelda & Link.

World of Whimsy

Couples Halloween Costumes for 2017

Image Courtesy of

Linda & Gene, Bob’s Burgers: They can laugh at each other – and you, if you’re not careful. Looking past the zingers, on both sides, you’ll find a couple that’s madly in love. They just have a funny way of showing it. While humor is high on the list for this couple, so is saving. And with a coupon, you can avoid paying full price for your Gene & Linda costumes.

More costume ideas for whimsical pairs include Fred & Wilma Flintstone, peanut butter & jelly, ketchup & mustard and wine & cheese.

The Celebrity Couple

Couples Halloween Costumes for 2017

Image Courtesy of Costume Spirit Halloween

Wonder Woman & Superman: They know everyone at the Halloween party and they’re probably the hosts. Half the crowd is or was jealous of them at some point, but everyone one admires them at least. For a couple this popular, this admired, Wonder Woman and Superman are almost a given. And with a Spirit Halloween coupon, they’re exquisite costumes might make them feel like celebrities.

Other powerful characters for this power couple to consider include Daenerys Targaryan & Jon Snow, and Adam & Eve.

So what do you think of our picks? Nail on the head or hammer to the thumb? Be sure to leave your opinions in the Comments section below.

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