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Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day (The Answer May Surprise You!)

Valentine’s Day is a tricky “holiday”. You can phone it in with some roses, chocolates and a card, and get it crossed off your to-do list (don’t be surprised by the lukewarm reaction), or you can give her what she really wants for Valentine’s Day.

What she really wants is to know that you have been thinking of her. She wants a little creativity, a little sentiment, and a little of your time. Let me start by saying that a woman loves a guy who plans ahead.

Now this does not have to take a lot of time and does not have to cost you a lot of money. Just give one or two of my ideas a try this year and see what reaction you get.

1. Give her a gift that you made with your own hands

You can make a card, write a poem or a personalized note, bake a dessert, make some chocolate-dipped strawberries, cook her a meal, or put together a gift basket filled with her favorite candy.

Write her name inside a heart in the sand or the snow. Take a picture of it and frame it.

“I made this for you!” Trust me, it’s a winner.

2. Give her a gift that shows that you paid attention

Pay attention to the cues that you hear. Be attentive and remember her favorite things. What has she been mentioning? Does she have a book that she wants to read? Is she mentioning how tired she is? Does she need to get away? Do her nails or hair need attention? Those are the clues that you need.

When you give her the gift, tell her that you remembered what she said which led you to buy the gift. Problem. Solution.

I also love the idea of buying a trinket or memento of a trip you took or a special place you visited together and then save it for a Valentine’s Day gift.

“I saw this when we on vacation and I thought it would remind your of how much fun we had.” Winning!

3. Give her a gift that makes a memory or share some old memories

Recreate your first date. Break out the old scrapbooks or family DVDs.  Make a photo book from her Instagram or Facebook photos. Make a new memory by trying a new activity together. Valpak has a never-ending stream of entertainment coupons. This is a two-for. You both get to have some fun and change things up a bit.

4. Give her a gift of romance

Download love songs to her playlist. Arrange time to take a walk together and hide a small surprise at the end. Buy her favorite flowers and plant them in the yard so she can enjoy them (and think of you) for a long time. Plan and pack for a picnic. Plan a road trip and find some places she would enjoy along the way. You can print out a map and put it inside her card.

“You planned this for me? You are awesome!”

5. Give her a gift that will lighten her load

What are the tasks that she likes the least? Is it the car wash, the dry cleaner, taking the pets to the groomer or returning items to the store? Put together a coupon book with vouchers for you to perform some of those unpleasant chores for her.

Has she been meaning to schedule a medical appointment for herself? Offer to go with her and then then take time afterwards to enjoy a meal together. That says you love her and you care about her health. Let’s do this!

My last little tip.

If you have children, let them see how much you love their mother. Show your tender side and verbalize your appreciation. Now that is a great gift!

Lori Felix is a DealPro and writes a blog called She specializes in finding ways to stretch our dollars and have some fun along the way.

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