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Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Health & Beauty, How To | 0 comments

Resolutions that Last the Whole Year Through


With the start of the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. And for many people the resolutions remain the same: lose weight, eat more healthy foods, exercise everyday, and the list goes on…..but the theme of health and wellness remains the same.

And while many of the resolutions have the best of intentions, we need to go about achieving them in a healthy manner. Many experts warn again the typical “crash diets” or over the top workout routines. We need to instead focus on sustainable habits that can be prolonged and effective the whole year through — not just through the month of January.

For example, many people think juice fasting is a quick, healthy way to lose weight. But in reality, these diets cost us much needed fiber and other nutrients found in whole fruits or vegetables. Alternatively, experts suggest creating meal plans that increase portion sizes of fruits or veggies and limit grains. This will have the same health benefits, but without lacking on other vtial elements the body needs to be in good health. 

To help you tweak your New Year’s resolution to be healthier in the long run, we found some great tips….Here’s to a new you!

New Year’s resolutions: They can be motivating and inspiring (“I want to feel healthy and strong in 2016”). Or they can be completely out of reach and by extension demoralizing and even dangerous (“I am going to run a marathon in a month, and I’m starting my training now!”).

We asked some fitness and nutrition experts to identify some common risky resolutions and offer healthy alternatives for the coming year.

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