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Posted by on Feb 26, 2014 in Grocery | 0 comments

Rite Aid, Target Grocery Haul Using Favado!


Many people tend to have high grocery bills because they simply don’t have time to go through weekly circulars and look for sales. Even when sales are found many folks are unaware of available matching coupons that could save them even more money. The first time I tried couponing, I gave it up. It was too cumbersome to find sales to match with the coupons. I thought, “Why should I spend time printing coupons on brand items I wasn’t even planning to buy in the first place?” Determined to get the hang of it, I started Simplee Thrifty. It seemed I could never find a coupon for what I needed, when I needed it, or my brand. Shortly after I started Simplee Thrifty I was lucky enough to become a part of this new awesome app, Favado!

The Favado app for your Android or iPhone helps you save 50-70% a week on your groceries! You can also see a list of all the Favado Store Matchups on Simplee Thrifty as well. Choose your stores based on your area and preference and Favado will alert you to what items they have on sale for the week. You can also choose your favorite brands and products, and Favado will filter out sales on these products when you click on the Faves tab! My favorite feature of all is the red paper clip you will see next to some of your sale items. This paper clip means there are coupons available that you can combine with your sale to make your deal even better! No more spending hours trying to find sales to match to coupons. Email the printable coupons to yourself for printing. As you review all of the sales, you can check off the ones you want, and Favado will make you a grocery list.

I recently did a mini shopping trip at Rite Aid and Target using Favado. Here’s how I scored great savings:

Rite Aid Shopping Trip – I had $8.00 in +UP Rewards to start with from using Favado the previous week.

Here’s what I purchased:

  • Crest ProHealth Rinse – regular price $5.29; sale price $2.64
  • Marvel Valentines Day Cards – regular price $3.99; sale price $2.99
  • IceBreaker Raspberry Mints – regular price $2.29; sale price $1.79

Total: $7.42
Used the $8.00 in +UP Rewards
Final Price: all 3 items for FREE!!!

Target Shopping Trip – I started with a $5 Target gift card from using Favado the previous week.

Here’s what I purchased:

  • (2) Pillsbury Grand Biscuits – sale price $1.25 each (paid $0.50 after coupons)
  • (2) Lucky Charms Cereal – sale price $2.50 each (paid $1.02 each after coupons)
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal – sale price $2.44 (paid $1.61 after coupons)
  • Florida Natural Juice – $2.99 (paid $0.99 after coupons)
  • (2) Yoplait Go-Gurt – sale price $2.00 each (paid $1.43 each after coupon)
  • (2) Downy Unstopables – sale price: $8.99 each + get $5.oo gift card when you buy 2 (paid $5.49 each after gift card and coupons)
  • (4) Ragu Sauce – $1.69 each + buy 3 get 1 free (paid $0.70 each after coupons)

Total: $43.54 (price after coupons, gift card and special purchase $19.48)
Used $5.00 gift card from previous purchase
Used Target REDcard to save 5% = $0.72
Final Price: $13.75


Are you ready to grab some savings with me using Favado?

Guest blogger, Heidi Phippen is a Favado app expert and blogs for her website – “Helping others save in a thrifty sort of way!”

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