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Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

Create Spring Florals For A Fraction of The Cost

Although Easter is a popular holiday for spring florals, they can be used all year. You can use them for mantel displays, floral arrangements, wedding decorations and spring parties. However, due to their high cost, many people avoid using arrangements on a regular basis. With some creative tips, you can save some money and still enjoy the smell of fresh flowers all year long.

For starters, do your research. Prices of flowers will vary according to weather and market conditions. For example, you can spend as much as $6 for Amaryllis or as little as $1 for Dahlias. After you decide what you are looking for, head to the supermarket.

A lot of times supermarkets sell flowers at a fraction of the cost, especially carnations. I know you might not think of these as the most beautiful flowers, but when partnered correctly it can really class up your event.

bigstock-beautiful-bouquet-of-bright-w-33854333.jpgYou can use a few shades of your favorite color and a bundle of baby’s breath for a gorgeous floral bouquet for less than $10. For example, search for a bunch of varying hues of pink carnations. Cluster them together with some white carnations and some baby’s breath. To hold them together, even out the stems and tie them with floral stem wire. It’s a clean look that when put in the glass vase on a table or in the hands of a bride can be elegant, simple and cost efficient.

If you find yourself gravitating towards more expensive flowers, then try a less-is-more approach. Take a small vase and put in one or two flowers that you love such as Viburnum and Orchids. If you jazz up the vase, this fresh look will bring color to your event, while conserving the amount you spend. Now you can enjoy your favorite flowers without having to compromise due to financial reasons.

So you found some flowers you like, but are looking for a filler? Try going green. Walk around your house with a pair of sheers. You might have some bushes in front of your house and some green plants growing in the backyard. Use your imagination. Nothing helps colored flowers stand out more than a neutral background. It’s free and will get you outdoors!

When it comes to cutting costs for flowers, you have to be creative. Hopefully these tips will help you to incorporate spring florals into your daily life at a much lower cost.




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