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Posted by on Jun 5, 2014 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

Savers are the New Sexy

couple-sweetheartsWith wedding season in full swing and summer lovin’ on the horizon, we are excited to share savings advice  here on Behind The Blue and at @Valpakcoupons this month focusing on money topics for couples and those in relationships. We have partnered with nationally renowned and trusted relationship expert Dr. Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., also known as The Love Doctor®, to provide you with money strategies for a healthier relationship. Be on the lookout for blog posts from Dr. Orbuch in the next few weeks!

To kick off the campaign, a Valpak Consumer Survey was conducted asking people about money and relationships. According to the survey, 74% of panelists said they find people who save money responsibly more attractive. Savers are the new sexy! It seems that spending on expensive romantic gestures (such as a way-too-pricey necklace or surprise getaway to Paris) are wishes of the past.

“In talking with couples nationwide, I have uncovered that being financially responsible can increase the romantic desire between a person and their partner,” said Dr. Orbuch. “People who focus on saving smart are seen as more desirable than those who spend excessively because savers are viewed as responsible, trustworthy, and more committed to the relationship.”

As people now value budget-savvy qualities in their partners, celebrating savings and being smart about financial planning is becoming an important aspect of the modern relationship. In fact, 69% of survey panelists considered learning how to save money responsibly together as a way to improve a relationship. We bet that people will score major relationship “points” by taking advantage of Valpak coupons on everyday items (like groceries) to big-ticket items (like carpet cleaning) in order to free up money for the fun stuff!

Below are two more revealing statistics from the survey:

  • 80% of panelists would prefer their partner know how to save money responsibly versus how to cook.
  • When asked what is more attractive to you in a partner, 60% of panelists said saving money over having a good physique, being a good dancer or being a “snappy” dresser.

Tell us, do you find those who save more attractive than those who spend?

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