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Posted by on Aug 9, 2013 in Back To School | 0 comments

Saving on Back To School Shopping

Back to school shopping causes a panic to most parents that can only be rivaled by holiday shopping. Save money — and your sanity — with these tips to get your children everything they need to start the new school year without draining your checking account.

Kids Shopping Back to School

Take Your Time

Retailers are counting on parents feeling pressured to buy everything their children need well before school starts. You can save money on clothing and school supplies by waiting until the end of the shopping season. Buy the minimum amount of supplies that your child needs, but wait until after school starts to stock up because this is when retailers clearance their overstock. There are a lot of deals on shoes and clothing in August, but the deals get even better in September, so wait to buy most of your child’s new clothes.

Thrift Stores

You’ll save a considerable amount of money by shopping at thrift stores for you children’s school clothes. You’ll probably need to make several trips to the store to find everything you need, but the savings are worth the extra time.

Buy in Bulk

If you have more than one child to shop for, consider buying school supplies in bulk. You’ll save a lot of money on each item, and extras can be stored until they are needed. Ask other parents if they would like to split the cost with you if you only have one or two children or do not want to store extra supplies.

Compare Prices

Most major stores offer a few great deals each week, so watch the sales and stock up on sale items. You can often find back to school staples like glue and crayons for pennies, but you will have to visit a few stores each week.


Save even more money by using coupons. Find store coupons in the store’s weekly ad or in the coupon inserts in the newspaper. Look online for printable coupons for a percentage off a total purchase or a discount on certain items.

Outlet Malls

Even with back to school sales at the mall, you’ll pay a lot more than you will at an outlet mall. Outlet malls also have many types of retailers, so you’ll have a large selection for clothing, backpacks and shoes.

Sending your kids back to school won’t be as stressful or expensive if you plan carefully and compare prices between stores. Be patient and wait for the prices to drop before buying a new wardrobe, and don’t forget to use coupons for everything from school supplies to clothing to haircuts!

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